Professional Development Workshops

As part of Cloud Dance Festival's growth, we launched a series of professional development workshops for emerging dance writers, dance photographers and videographers which ran as part of our November 2013 festival, Showtime. These workshops extended the support we have offered emerging dance writers and photographers since 2009, and offered them the chance to learn from key industry figures and develop their skills further.

The workshops programme was run in partnership with IdeasTap; the writing workshops were in partnership with English National Ballet and A Younger Theatre; the photography workshops were led by James Rowbotham and Cathy Martin and included a location photography session on Sunday 17 November by James Rowbotham and Cathy Martin; the videography workshops were taught by dance film professionals Anna Ramsay and Sabine Klaus.


Dance Photography Workshops

photography newAre you starting out in dance photography, or are you already working in dance photography and seeking to gain more skills? As part of our last festival, Showtime, Cloud Dance Festival offered 10 people per day the opportunity to learn more about dance photography, gain experience and develop their skills through three one-day masterclasses, while learning from one of the top dance photographers in the UK.

Each day, we held an all-day masterclass, starting with a session with leading dance photographer James Rowbotham, and followed by tech rehearsals of up to seven contemporary dance works which were supervised by Cathy Martin, a professional dance photographer, for 1-to-1 guidance and tuition. There was also an additional workshop on location-based dance photography on the Sunday afternoon - learn how to take Jordan Matter-style photos!

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Dance on Film Workshops

videoAre you interested in learning how to film dance, and video editing techniques? Have you already started out in filming and are seeking to learn more, or have you suffered from one bad set of footage too many and want to learn how to film and edit your own footage in future? And most importantly, how to make it look good!

Cloud Dance Festival offered all-day masterclasses on 15, 16 and 17 November 2013 as part of our festival Showtime, for up to 10 IdeasTap members each day.

The masterclasses were taught by Anna Ramsay and Sabine Klaus, who have substantial experience of working in the industry as well as teaching similar masterclasses.

These masterclasses were aimed to address the shortage of people who can film shows well, and the growing problem of poor performance footage. They were taught by leading screendance professionals.

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Dance Writing Workshops

Read more ...Are you starting out in dance writing, or are you already involved in dance writing and seeking to gain more skills, or would you simply like the opportunity to discuss dance writing with your peers, while having your work published?

As part of our last festival, Showtime, Cloud Dance Festival offered 10 IdeasTap members per day a half-day masterclass on dance writing, led by A Younger Theatre's Managing Editor Eleanor Turney, followed by an evening mixed-bill performance which you will be reviewing. The submitted reviews have been published on Cloud Dance Festival's website, and we also aimed to hold a post-festival writing workshop for you to gain feedback on your review, and to discuss the show with other participation IdeasTap members.

The masterclass was suitable for all levels of experience, from new writers to established dance writers.

The writing masterclasses were being run by Cloud Dance Festival in partnership with English National Ballet and A Younger Theatre.

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