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Dance at Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe is nearly back upon us, and with it being a British Council year again, there's an enormous selection of high-quality shows to see - and that's just in dance! In addition to the British Council Showcase - usually presenting the cream of the shows on offer - there's also the annual Taiwanese dance showcase at Dance Base (038, Together Alone), a Czech dance showcase, the Made In Scotland showcase, and The Place's presentation of three shows as well as an installation by Rosemary Lee and Roswitha Chesher.

Of course there's also the Edinburgh International Festival alongside this, showing largescale work such as Nederlands Dans Theater and Boy Blue Entertainment's Blak Whyte Grey, which features the superlative Dickson Mbi.

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Dance in Brighton: 2017

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At some point in the last few years, Brighton's Festival and Fringe have evolved from "something that's happening over there" to an unmissable event to catch some truly amazing and otherwise-sold-out shows. Last year, Complicite's The Encounter was on: solidly sold out for its run at London's Barbican Centre, this was a unique opportunity to see it in a comparatively intimate venue. This year, it's Michael Keegan-Dolan's Swan Lake: I don't care how far you have to travel to see it, make sure you see it. And also Liz Aggiss's Slap and Tickle, while you're at it. And then there's the premiere of Theo Clinkard's new work, so I hope you have your credit card at the ready.

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Dance at the Fringe

Read more ...The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is upon us yet again, and we're in luck, this year: as it's a British Council Showcase year, we have a surfeit of dance companies and dance artists showing their work throughout August. In addition to the British Council Showcase which takes place at the end of the month, we also have The Place presenting a showcase of their own for the first time, and Coreo Cymru returns with their Welsh Dance Strand programme, presenting several works by Welsh artists. There is also a Taiwanese dance showcase at Dance Base, as well as an integrated dance showcase, called iF (Integrated Fringe) Platform, showcasing five of the best integrated arts companies from the UK involving disabled and non-disabled performers.

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Resolution! 2014 Roundup

Every year, The Place opens its doors to a vast number of artists from dance and neighbouring artforms, resulting in a month's worth of triple bills, many of them by unfamiliar or dimly familiar names. The Place is proud of the dance world's greats who presented their early works at Resolution - now in its 25th year - but to the untrained eye, it can be hard to tell what to watch.

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Weekly Roundup: 13 April

We interrupt this silence to rave about all the good shows which are on in London over the next week. I'd stopped writing these roundups as it seemed a bit silly for only one or two shows every now and then, but over the next week, we are truly spoiled. Which is a really really good thing if you've seen, or if you're about to see Midnight Express.

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Resolution! 2013 At A Glance

Resolution! was founded by John Ashford in 1990, and while it's quickly become an essential rite of passage for new dance companies and new choreographers, in the three years since John Ashford left The Place, Resolution! seems to have been seeking ways of redefining itself, especially in the face of a changing industry. The 2013 edition seems to have one of strongest and most diverse lineups of recent years, while The Place has transformed the support they offer, providing even more much-needed guidance on presenting one's work.

As Resolution! and Aerowaves have parted company, there will be 81 companies performing in 27 triple bills over six weeks. While some of the companies and choreographers may be known to various people, either to their friends and peers, or as dancers in well-known companies - what about everyone else?

As it's impossible to expect people to attend every single night, it's valuable to have recommendations on who to watch out for - as one of the selling points of Resolution! is the opportunity to catch The Next Big Thing - perhaps the next Matthew Bourne or Hofesh Shechter or even Rafael Bonachela...?

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What To See: October

Wasn't September a bizarrely quiet month for dance? In fact, without The Place Prize, there was barely anything taking place, not like past Septembers which are usually overflowing with lots to see. And so October is more than making up for it, with plenty to choose from...

ZooNation, Some Like It Hip Hop: to 13 October
Peacock Theatre
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/ZooNation-Dance-Company-Some-Like-It-Hip-Hop
Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JVOYNBHXVY

The ultimate feelgood dance show returns to the Peacock Theatre with an even stronger show than last year's production, and is even more lovable and heartwarming than before, with extremely strong performances from each of the cast, whether dancer, narrator or singer.

Choreographed by Kate Prince and Tommy Franzén, and loosely based on Some Like It Hot and Twelfth Night, Some Like It Hip Hop tells the story of a dark city where Lizzie Gough and Teneisha Bonner are forced to cross-dress in order to find work and eventually love, with plenty of comedy and great storytelling along the way. An enormous hit with teens and small children.

Akram Khan, 'DESH': 2 - 9 October
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/DESH-Akram-Khan-Company-2012
Trailer: youtu.be/vWwli41zw1U

Currently sold out, but returns may be available, this is the much-awaited return of Akram Khan's semi-biographical solo show exploring his Bangladeshi roots and what it means to be Bangladeshi. With collaborations with Tim Yip (production designer for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), award-winning lighting designer Michael Hulls, writer and poet Karthika Nair, Olivier Award-winning composer Jocelyn Pook and slam poet PolarBear, DESH is more spectacle than dance show, with stunning imagery and creativity, not to mention Khan's wonderful choreography - always a treat to watch. People expecting nothing but dance will be disappointed, but it's a beautiful and enthralling show.

Richard Alston Dance Company, 'At Home': 3 - 6 October
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/14269/whats-on/richard-alston-dance-company.html

Richard Alston usually spoils his audience, and this programme features no fewer than three premieres: Madcap, a new work by the gifted Martin Lawrance with music by the New York collective Bang on a Can All-Stars; Isthmus, a new work by Alston to Jo Kondo's music, and Darknesse Visible, a new solo for the wonderful Pierre Tappon. Also to be performed is Shimmer, a glittering work to the music of Ravel.

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet: 11 - 13 October
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Cedar-Lake-Contemporary-Ballet

If you only see one show this season, it should probably be this one - Cedar Lake are finally making their long-overdue UK premiere, showcasing their "powerful physicality with classical technique".

This programme will feature some of the hottest choreographers around, with a work exploring rhythm by Nederlands Dans Theater's Alexander Ekman, and works by Crystal Pite and Hofesh Shechter.

If you want to whet your appetite before their shows, do watch The Adjustment Bureau, starring Emily Blunt as a Cedar Lake dancer.

Rambert Dance Company: 16 - 20 October
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Rambert-Dance-Company-Featuring-Labyrinth-of-Love

Rambert's autumn programme is usually less showy than their springtime season, but they look set to break that tradition with this quadruple bill, which sees a return of Paul Taylor's beautiful and timeless Roses. Other works include Richard Alston's "sharp and witty" Dutiful Ducks and a UK revival premiere of Merce Cunningham's Sounddance. Irish choreographer Marguerite Donlon has created Labyrinth of Love, a heartbreaking and humourous work which will be accompanied by a live orchestra and soprano.

Birmingham Royal Ballet
Opposites Attract: 23 & 24 October
Autumn Celebration: 25 - 27 October
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Birmingham-Royal-Ballet-Opposites-Attract-and-Autumn-Celebration

Birmingham Royal Ballet usually bring both a classical programme and a modern ballet to Sadler's Wells on each of their visits, however this time, they're presenting two triple bills, in which the definition of "modern" ballet sees a blurring.

Opposites Attract sees the more modern works, with a new work by American choreographer Jessica Lang, a revival of Hans van Manen's impressive Grösse Fuge - last performed in all its black leather glory at Sadler's Wells by the Dutch National Ballet, and a personal tribute by David Bintley to jazz icon Dave Brubeck.

Autumn Celebration! presents BRB's own version of Ashton's elfin comedy The Dream, the central figures being an otherworldy Oberon and a Puck who is likely to outdance (and outpuppy) all the dancers. Also performed will be Broadway show choreographer Joe Layton's amusing take on the celebrities of the 1920s and an Olympic-inspired work by David Bintley.


Worthy Mentions

Nigel Charnock, 'Haunted By The Future': 13 October
Platform Theatre as part of Dance Umbrella
Tickets & details: www.danceumbrella.co.uk/nigel-charnock-uk

Nigel Charnock, one of the enduring greats of the physical theatre and dance worlds, tragically passed away only two months ago, and Dance Umbrella is presenting a rare opportunity to watch his final work, Haunted By The Future, "a tragically comic dance theatre piece about him and her and it." As Executive Director of The Place, Kenneth Tharp, recently reminisced (www.theplace.org.uk/15189/kenneth-tharps-blog/is-it-okay-to-walk-out-at-the-theatre.html), Charnock's work is not for everyone, so be warned before booking tickets.

Dance United: 20 & 22 October
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/14275/whats-on/dance-united.html

Dance United works with those who are marginalised in society and whose potential is often unrecognised or unfulfilled, whether they are troubled youths, prisoners, or involved in one of their Ethiopia-based projects. Among their projects is a London-based performance company, which has previous performed works by Siobhan Maguire-Swartz and John Ross.

Dance United's London-based company will be performing alongside the Yorkshire-based company to present a number of works by Kwesi Johnson, Carly Annable-Coop and Helen Linsell, while this programme will also see new Associate Artist Dam Van Huynh's first work for UK audiences since his return from his two year residency in Hong Kong only two months ago.

Phoenix Dance Theatre: 25 - 27 October
Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/phoenix-dance-theatre-by-phoenix-dance-theatre

Phoenix Dance Theatre is one of the UK's leading contemporary dance companies, and finally makes a long-overdue return to London with their new mixed bill, featuring premieres by Ana Luján Sánchez and Kwesi Johnson, the return of Henri Oguike’s unflinching Signal and Melt: a breathtaking mix of aerial dance and contemporary choreography by Sharon Watson, Artistic Director of Phoenix Dance Theatre.

Michael Clark: 17 - 27 October
Barbican Centre
Tickets & details: www.barbican.org.uk/theatre/event-detail.asp?ID=13338

Michael Clark is renowned for his days as a renegade figure in the world of ballet, and although his recent works haven't matched the creativity of his heyday, they've thrilled his many fans and won him more than a few new ones.

Little is known about the two new works to be performed, however they will include music by Relaxed Muscle and Scritti Politti, and these performances will feature live music from Relaxed Muscle.

Cloud Dance Festival Corner

Female Choreographers' Collective: 13 October
Tickets & details: www.dance-ground.com/2012/09/the-launch-of-female-choreographers.html
Tickets: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It appears that there is a shortage of female choreographers, or at least of visible support for them, so Holly Noble of AD Dance Company (formerly Antique Dances) and Jane Coulston of Beyond Repair Dance have chosen to form a new collective to create solidarity for the majority of the dance industry.

13 October will see the launch of this initiative, with works by Lucía Piquero (Diciembre Dance Group), Anna Watkins (WatkinsDance), Holly Noble (AD Dance Company) and Jane Coulston (Beyond Repair Dance). You will have to email the address above and make a bank transfer to secure tickets for the event, or buy them on the door.


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What To See: September


Hasn't that been a ridiculously long summer? And unless you managed to escape up to Edinburgh, wasn't that a reeeeeally long time to go without, well, any dance at all?! We hope you managed to stock up with plenty of dance before the summer-long drought, although there's hardly a deluge to see in the new season. It's a good month for CDF alumni, so read on...

James Cousins & Tom Jackson Greaves - 7 September
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/New-Adventures-Choreographer-Award-Showcase-James-Cousins
Trailer of Vanity Fowl: vimeo.com/44269163

The New Adventures Choreographer Award was launched last year to commemorate Matthew Bourne's 50th birthday and there wasn't as much surprise as there could have been when James Cousins was announced as the winner, with Tom Jackson Greaves selected as a runner-up. James Cousins will be presenting two works: There We Have Been is a duet inspired by the troubled relationships portrayed in Murakami's best selling novel, Norwegian Wood, while
Everything and Nothing is a dynamic collaboration between himself, lighting designer Lee Curran and set designer Colin Falconer.

Tom Jackson Greaves will be premiering Vanity Fowl, a solo which observes one man’s journey from grace to disgrace.

HeadSpaceDance: Three & Four Quarters - 7-11 September
Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/three-and-four-quarters-by-christopher-akrill-and-charlotte-broom

HeadSpaceDance is a new initiative by former Cullberg Ballet and the Northern Ballet Theatre dancers Charlotte Broom and Christopher Akrill, who are joined by Clemmie Sveaas (The Most Incredible Thing) to perform newly commissioned pieces by choreographers Javier de Frutos, Luca Silvestrini and Didy Veldman, and a reworking of Mats Ek's 1991 duet Light Beings.

The Place Prize 4: Preview - 13 September, Semifinal - 22 September
The Place
Preview: www.theplace.org.uk/14094/whats-on/the-place-prize-preview-4.html
Semifinal: www.theplace.org.uk/14096/whats-on/the-place-prize-semifinal-4.html

One of the most exciting choreographic voices we've encountered, Goddard Nixon - Jonathan Goddard and Gemma Nixon, formerly of Rambert Dance Company - are performing a "duet of fractured tenderness and mysterious camaraderie" in the final of the four nights. Created in collaboration with lighting designer Michael Hulls, you can expect amazing lighting design, amazing choreography and amazing dancing.

Please give them your votes. Goddard Nixon to win!

Free To Fall - 21 September
Rich Mix
Tickets: www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/free-to-fall-210912/
Details: www.freetofall.co.uk/#/autumn-season/4568157474

Free to Fall is a "scratch night" curated by Lee Smikle, held regularly at Rich Mix to offer young choreographers an opportunity to receive feedback on their works. Among the people performing in this edition are Dom Czapski and John Ross, who performed in our September 2008 festival and who had to withdraw from our last festival.

Joss Arnott Dance: The Dark Angel Tour - 29 September
Rich Mix
Tickets & details: www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/dark-angel-tour/

The past two years have been a whirlwind of recognition and buildup for Joss Arnott, culminating in the tour of this triple-bill of his works: threshhold, the piece which first caught everyone's attention back in 2010; 24,  inspired by the themes and concepts explored within the Alexander McQueen exhibition Savage Beauty, and Origin, a a fluid yet intense solo by Arnott himself. His style may be imitated by many, but come to this show to see high-paced dynamic choreography performed at its best.

Worthy Mention

Pirates of Penzance: 26 - 30 September
Hackney Empire
Tickets & details: www.hackneyempire.co.uk/?lid=2823

Union Theatre's award-winning all-male Pirates of Penzance briefly take up residence at Hackney Empire before heading overseas to Australia, so this is a great opportunity to catch them and wish them (and Raymond Tait) well before they go. Having previously been staged at Union Theatre, Wilton's Music Hall and Rose Theatre in Kingston, it remains to see how well this production will retain its intimacy in such a large venue.


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What To See: Autumn

Who still remembers the excitement of last autumn, which seemed to be filled with a large number of visiting companies to explore, and companies which had been absent for far too long, La La La Human Steps being one of their number. And maybe we'll remember it as the last of the great Dance Umbrellas. As though we're paying for the overambition of last autumn, and the excesses of the Pina Bausch World Cities residency, this autumn seems to be playing it safe, with an emphasis on trusted favourites, which of course includes the mixed blessing that is the Place Prize.


The Place Prize 4: Preview - 13 September, Semifinal - 22 September
The Place
Preview: www.theplace.org.uk/14094/whats-on/the-place-prize-preview-4.html
Semifinal: www.theplace.org.uk/14096/whats-on/the-place-prize-semifinal-4.html

One of the most exciting choreographic voices we've encountered, Goddard Nixon - Jonathan Goddard and Gemma Nixon, formerly of Rambert Dance Company - are performing a "duet of fractured tenderness and mysterious camaraderie" in the final of the four nights. Created in collaboration with lighting designer Michael Hulls, you can expect amazing lighting design, amazing choreography and amazing dancing.

Please give them your votes. Goddard Nixon to win!

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet: 11 - 13 October
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Cedar-Lake-Contemporary-Ballet

For some of us, our first introduction to Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet will have been in the film The Adjustment Bureau - which will have been reason enough to see the film! From that, we'll know that Cedar Lake is not a typical dance company, with a specific interest in installations and site-specific work, and highly technical dancers; this will be their long-overdue first visit to the UK, and they will be bringing a fascinating triple bill with works by Hofesh Shechter, Crystal Pite and Alexander Ekman - if you remember what Ekman created with cacti for NDT2, start imagining where he'll take the theme of rhythm for Cedar Lake....

Birmingham Royal Ballet, 'Opposites Attract': 23 - 24 October
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Birmingham-Royal-Ballet-Opposites-Attract-and-Autumn-Celebration
Video of Grösse Fuge: www.brb.org.uk/Grosse-2012.html

Every autumn, Birmingham Royal Ballet brings a modern triple bill and a classical programme to Sadler's Wells, often challenging our definitions of "modern" ballet, by programming works such as Ninette de Valois's not-quite-timeless Checkmate from 1937.

Opposites Attract features works by the extremely prolific and sought-after American choreographer Jessica Lang, a tribute by director David Bintley to jazz icon Dave Brubeck and a revival of Hans van Manen's unforgettable Grösse Fuge, which we last saw performed by Dutch National Ballet (cue Luke Jenning's review "Dude, you're so ripped".)

The Autumn Celebration! triple bill also looks intriguing, offering Broadway show choreographer Joe Layton's amusing take on the celebrities of the 1920s in The Grand Tour, David Bintley's Faster, inspired by the Olympic motto, ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’, and Frederick Ashton's The Dream, where all hangs on the puppyishness of Puck and the height of his jumps.

Viscera: 3 - 14 Nov
Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/viscera-by-liam-scarlett

As part of a triple bill with revivals of Christopher Wheeldon's Fool's Paradise and Wayne McGregor's Infra, Viscera is the UK premiere of Liam Scarlett's US choreographic debut, commissioned for Miami City Ballet and performed to great acclaim. It is an abstract ballet in three sections; expect choreographic gorgeousness.

Batsheva Ensemble: 19 - 21 November
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Batsheva-Ensemble-Deca-Dance

Batsheva Ensemble is the junior company of Batsheva Dance Company whose recent Edinburgh International Festival performances were met with pro-Palestinian protests, depriving them of the audiences they deserved.

Led by Ohad Naharin, one of of the more influential choreographers of today, whose works have been performed by many of the leading contemporary and ballet companies, this will be their first visit to the UK - and we can hope they receive a much warmer welcome. They will be performing Deca Dance, a medley of the most memorable and best-loved segments of Naharin’s creations from the last 20 years, set to an eclectic mix of music from Vivaldi to the Beach Boys. If you love Hofesh.....

Worthy Mentions

Michael Clark, 'New Work 2012': 17 - 27 October
Tickets & details: www.barbican.org.uk/theatre/event-detail.asp?ID=13338

Following residencies in the Tate Modern over the last two years, working with both trained and untrained dancers, the notorious enfant terrible of ballet - described by Sanjoy Roy as a "ballet punk" and "dance's rock'n'roll legend" in his essential step-by-step guide - returns to the Barbican with his first new work for the Barbican stage since 2009. Some will be delighted; others will look on in horror.

Dance United: 20 & 22 October
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/14275/whats-on/dance-united.html

Following his two-year residency in Hong Kong, Dam Van Huynh is Dance United's new associate artist, and this new programme features new work from him in addition to works by Kwesi Johnson, Carly Annable-Coop and Helen Linsell.

Swan Lake: 10, 13 & 25 October
Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/swan-lake-by-anthony-dowell

Strictly for the classical ballet fans, this is just a heads up to remind you that in light of Tamara Rojo's premature departure for English National Ballet, Carlos Acosta will be partnered by Natalia Osipova on these dates. Mutterings hope that this will be the start of a longer-term partnership between the two.  


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Weekly Roundup: 9 July

Between Big Dance and everything else, this week is absolutely jampacked full of dance, and you may well have a hard time squeezing everything in. To make it easier for you, we're listing events per day, as it's the best way to keep track of them all! We heartily recommend New Movement Collective - and for the rest, see below....

(Disclaimer: this roundup has been written under the influence of a migraine and lots of painkillers).


Pina Bausch: Wiesenland - 9 July
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details (last-minute returns only): www.sadlerswells.com/show/Pina-Bausch-World-Cities-2012-Wiesenland

Unthinkable even a few short weeks ago, but the festival of Pina Bausch's works has finally come to an end, with Wiesenland, a somewhat unHungarian exploration of Hungary but with an amazing enormous hedge covering the back wall. As ever, expect whimsy, theatre and beautiful dancing in varying quantities - but be warned that several of her dancers are absent for this final piece.

Dance In Focus: 9 July
City Hall
Tickets & details: www.ballet.org.uk/editorial.php?ref=big-dance-focus

This evening is something special, offering a chance to view dance photography by aspiring photographers working with acclaimed dance photographer Chris Nash, who will then lead a panel discussion exploring the special relationship between dancer and photographer and how to achieve the perfect image.

There will also be a performance by English National Ballet of a new work choreographed by Hubert Essakow, using the photography exhibition as his inspiration. Essakow's works are always worth watching, and as an added bonus, tickets are only £5.

It's also the final week of Chris Nash's exhaustive exhibition at Artsdepot, so make sure you set aside time to trek up there before it's over.
Details: artsdepot.co.uk/event_details.php?sectionid=visual%20arts&eventid=1653&searchid=current

Big Dance: The Big Dance Big Top Tent: 9 July
Grounds of the Old Royal Naval College, Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich SE10 9LW
Details: greenwichdance.org.uk/engage/bigdanceevent/the_big_dance_big_top_tent/

There are two events at the Big Tent on Monday, the Family Cabaret from 5pm till 7pm, and then the Cabaret (ages 14 upwards) from 8pm onwards. Both events will be compered by Michael Nunn and William Trevitt of BalletBoyz, with circus acts and live music in addition to the dance performances.

The family cabaret show features several youth dance companies including Quicksilver, Rambert's youth dance company (our reviewer Rachel Vogel is one of the dancers) as well as a performance by English National Ballet.

The evening show will include an extract of Protein Dance's LOL (Lots of Love) and performances by AD Dance Company, Levantes Dance Theatre and English National Ballet.

Grad Show: London Contemporary Dance School - 9 - 13 July
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/13925/performance-listings/london-contemporary-dance-school-graduation-performances.html

London Contemporary Dance School's graduate shows continue, offering a mixture of student choreography, commissioned works and Richard Alston's repertoire, eliciting works and performances of a high standard. Saturday's show - kindly broadcast live by The Place on YouTube - presented the two best student works from LC3 (2pm by Tom Peacock and Andrea Dorelli; Opsimath by Michael Kelland) and a fantastic work for the students by Sasha Roubicek. We don't know what the remaining programmes will offer, but we know that most of it will be very good indeed.


New Movement Collective: Casting Traces - 10 - 13 July
Testbed1, Parkgate Road, Battersea, London SW11 4NP
Details: www.newmovement.org.uk/casting-traces.html
Tickets: www.seetickets.com/Tour/NEW-MOVEMENT-COLLECTIVE
Trailer: vimeo.com/43068655

"Dance, architecture, film and specially commissioned music meet to create a world of illusion, mystery and shadow play, where nothing is what it seems. Touching on the popular themes of detective novels and the modern issues of ever-present surveillance, the audience explore a giant paper maze, becoming directly involved with the performance space and influencing the transformation of their surroundings. Projection and live camera feeds enable participants to meet themselves around every corner as they explore the hidden spaces of Testbed 1 – a 650sq metre former dairy in the heart of Battersea."

New Movement Collective is more than a typical dance company: it's a collective of established dancers, many of them current or past dancers with Rambert Dance Company, seeking to challenge the boundaries of dance and performance, working with architects to create new performance spaces for their work. But don't let that put you off or make you think of the stereotypes of experimental dance - New Movement Collective presents brilliant choreography and dancers in an intriguing and refreshing way.


C-12 Dance Theatre: The Van Man - 12 July, 1pm & 6.30pm
National Theatre
Details: insideout.nationaltheatre.org.uk/event/the-van-man-c-12-dance-theatre-uk?day=201207121830

C-12 Dance Theatre is an impressive company founded by Middlesex University graduates fusing physical theatre and contemporary dance to create a wide range of striking indoor and outdoor works, notching up acclaim and awards over the years. Having performed Trolleys last weekend at the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, they now bring their work about a man, a van and a blowup doll to National Theatre's Watch This Space festival. You may have to fight for space, but it's definitely worth watching.

Matthew Bourne's Play Without Words: 12 July - 5 August
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Matthew-Bournes-Play-Without-Words

Definitely one of Bourne's best works, 'Play Without Words' is a sexy, '60s-set, upstairs/downstairs dance drama, based on Robin Maugham's story 'The Servant' (and the Joseph Losey film of the book). You'll see super-stylish, precision choreography, setting out the complex social mores and sexual desires of a Chelsea couple and their domestic help. Bourne's trademark wit is in evidence, but none of the pantomime mugging seen in some of his other works. Terry Davies's jazzy score sets the scene perfectly and sets come courtesy of Bourne's longtime collaborator Lez Brotherston. (from Time Out).

Play Without Words won the 2003 Olivier Awards for Best Entertainment and Best Theatre Choreographer.

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company: TooMortal - 12 - 14 July
St Pancras Parish Church, Euston Rd, NW1 2BA
Tickets & details: www.shobanajeyasingh.co.uk/TooMortal/index.html
Trailer: vimeo.com/43895397

Shobana Jeyasingh's latest work has been created especially to be performed in churches. 'TooMortal' is inspired by the idea of church as a place of enquiry and a place of solace, and responds to the architecture and history of these sacred buildings. Set to a soundscore by Nick Rothwell, aka Cassiel, the six female dancers perform Jeyasingh's trademark movement language - contemporary dance shot through with Indian bharata natyam. (Description from Time Out).


Royal Ballet: Metamorphosis: Titian 2012 - 14 - 20 July
Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/metamorphosis-titian-2012-by-various
Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=z90BeVQiAtA

Dame Monica Mason's final year of directorship finally draws to a close with this specially-commissioned triple bill, which will say a sad farewell to both her and Tamara Rojo on 20 July. Metamorphosis: Titian is a collaboration between the National Gallery and the Royal Opera House, commissioning three renowned artists to create works inspired by Titian paintings, depicting scenes from Ovid's Metamorphosis, in collaboration with a total of seven choreographers: Christopher Wheeldon, Will Tuckett, Liam Scarlett, Jonathan Watkins, Kim Brandstrup, Wayne McGregor and Alastair Marriott.

There will be a free screening in Trafalgar Square on 16 July: let's hope this rain can hold off for one whole evening!

Big Dance: Big Dance Trafalgar Square: 14 July, 12pm (tbc)
Trafalgar Square
Details: www.bigdance2012.com/trafalgar_square.php

Wayne McGregor has spent the last few months creating a new work to be performed at Trafalgar Square as the culmination of this year's Big Dance, to be performed by 1000 dancers from 40 groups from across London. Commissioned films will be shown of Big Dance Beijing and Big Dance Rio as part of the UK’s Big Street Dance Day.

Gwyn Emberton: 14 July (6pm) & 15 July (2pm)
Regent's Canal Festival, Mile End Park, Grove Road/ Burdett Road, London E3

We were very impressed by Gwyn Emberton's performance in Resolution! at The Place earlier this year, so we're welcoming another chance to see him perform - if the rain holds off!

Cloud Dance Festival Corner

Milo Miles Presents: Elysium at Prism - 11 July
Prism Brasserie, Harvey Nichols
Tickets & details: www.harveynichols.com/hnedit/food-and-wine/whats-on-food-wine/prism-london-whats-on/elysium-at-prism/
Interview: www.thisiscabaret.com/milo-miles-here-to-entertain-you/

This July Prism Brasserie will be hosting Elysium, a sensational floorshow, mixing cabaret, burlesque, circus and illusion.

Created and choreographed by Milo Miles, this sophisticated evening looks back to the heyday of cabaret and blends it with contemporary supper club chic in a relaxed and glamorous environment.

With entertainment running uninterruptedly throughout the night you can spend the evening, from cocktail hour to post dinner drinks, enjoying performances from dancers, singers and guest acts.

Ijad Dance Company: In-Finite - 14 July
Rich Mix
Tickets & details: www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/in-finite/
Trailer: vimeo.com/32620005#at=0

In-Finite celebrates cultural identity, exploring collages of untold secrets. Creating harmony between dance, music and visual imagery, IJAD Dance Company will explore the state of flux between knowing and not knowing.

Audiences will witness a work in progress performance of In-Finite, which will be developed into a full work and performed at Rich Mix in Autumn 2012.

Audiences (both in the venue and online) will be encouraged to interact with the performers through social media platforms and this communication will become a part of the piece. The work is an interpretation of the secrets that IJAD has received during an investigation into the relationship between a person, their secrets and the intensity this creates.

The Arts Dance - 15 July
The Arts Theatre
Tickets & details: www.londontheatredirect.com/ballet/1106/Summer-Arts-Theatre--The-Arts-Dance---An-Evening-of-Contemporary-Dance-tickets.aspx

Charlie Dixon Dance Company will be performing Wise Man again, in a one-off evening of contemporary dance alongside other emerging companies including Tom Bowes Dance (Jordan Massarella Dance (his work was recently performed by Verve) will no longer be performing). The Arts Theatre is a very atmospheric venue, rarely used for dance, so this promises to be an interesting evening for all.

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Weekly Roundup: 2 July

Read more ...

As the Pina Bausch around-the-world-in-ten-shows season draws to an end, the phenomenon that is Big Dance 2012 finally kicks off, with almost everyone who's involved in dance somehow participating. And there are a few more graduate shows, for those with an eye to the future...

Royal Ballet: Birthday Offering, Month In The Country & Les Noces - to 7 July
Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/18562

Bronislava Nijinska's Les Noces is widely acclaimed to be one of the finest works of ballet of the 20th century, and it's entirely worth missing the rest of the triple bill to watch this piece alone. Les Noces retains much of the primitivism and raw energy of her brother Nijinsky's Rite of Spring and consequently has far more impact in its depiction of a Russian bride and groom preparing for their wedding.

Often imitated and referred to throughout the years, from Pina Bausch to Javier De Frutos's The Most Incredible Thing, consider Les Noces to be part of your essential dance watching. The other two works on the programme are Ashton's Birthday Offering and Month In The Country, best suited to those who like their ballet defiantly classical. Pretty, but not even in the same league as Les Noces

Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch: Wiesenland - 8 & 9 July
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details (returns only; keep watching the website): www.sadlerswells.com/show/Pina-Bausch-World-Cities-2012-Wiesenland
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes (1 interval)

It seems hard to believe, but there's only one work left in the current Pina Bausch programme, although if you're one of the many who completely missed out on a ticket, there's hope in store with Sadler's Wells's recent announcement that Tanztheater Wuppertal will be returning on an annual basis.

Back to the present, Wiesenland is Pina Bausch's 2000 Hungarian work, "taking inspiration from Hungary’s folklore, churches, museums, the suburbs of Budapest and the horizons of Transylvania."

Big Dance: 7 - 15 July
Across the entire country
Details: www.bigdance2012.com

There will be hundreds if not thousands of events taking place over the week of Big Dance, involving almost everybody who currently works in dance. When we've figured out what the highlights are, we'll update this with their details.

Graduate Shows

Rambert School: Home Grown - 4 & 5 July
Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler's Wells
Details & tickets: www.rambertschool.org.uk/2012/05/home-grown-lilian-baylis-studio/

Details are still unavailable, however expect a mixture of student choreography and repertoire from wellknown choreographers. Past graduate shows have been of a high standard, so we expect this will be much the same.

Ballet Central & Central School of Ballet: 6 & 7 July
Bloomsbury Theatre
Tickets & details: www.thebloomsbury.com/event/run/1688
Trailer: youtu.be/ekq0Le83ovg

Ballet Central is Central School of Ballet's touring company of final year students, wowing audiences around the country, and for these final performances, they will be reuniting with the rest of their year for two days of performances.

Ballet Central's 2012 tour features new works from Mikaela Polley (Rambert Dance Company), Sharon Watson (Phoenix Dance Theatre) and Sara Matthews, as well as revivals by Matthew Hart, the late David Fielding, and Ballet Central's founder, the late Christopher Gable. This exciting programme of ballet, contemporary, jazz and narrative dance will also feature live accompaniment by Musical Director Philip Feeney.

London Contemporary Dance School: 6 - 13 July
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/14137/whats-on/london-contemporary-dance-school-graduation-performances.html

It's hard to go far without noticing past graduates of London Contemporary Dance School - for example, Dancing Times's current Dancer of the Month is LCDS graduate Liam Riddick - and so it's pretty definite that more than a few of this year's graduates will be making their names known in the next few years. With seven performances over the next week and a half, the programmes will probably consist of a mix of student choreographies, collaborations with Wimbledon School of Art graduating students (bungee ropes, wall-to-wall elastic and rung-heavy sets will likely feature in one or more pieces) and recent LC3 works.

Make a note of the dancers and choreographers who catch your eye, and check back in a year or so... you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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Weekly Roundup: 25 June

While there are two more exciting offerings from Pina Bausch's Tanztheater Wuppertal this week, the wonderful Sydney Dance Company are back in town, GDIF presents C-12 Dance Theatre, Tilted Productions and Company Chameleon - and there's a new triple bill by the Royal Ballet.

Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch: World Cities 2012

Nefes (Istanbul) - 25 June
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details (keep an eye out for occasional returns): www.sadlerswells.com/show/Pina-Bausch-World-Cities-2012-Nefes
Running time: 2 hours 50 minutes (1 interval)

Eagerly anticipated, but considered by some to be a disappointment, Pina Bausch's reflection on Istanbul offers some lovely dancing and another creative set, but little insight into Turkish life beyond hammam references and a wealth of Turkish music.

Agua (Rio de Janeiro) - 28 & 29 June
Barbican Centre
Tickets & details (keep an eye out for occasional returns): www.barbican.org.uk/theatre/event-detail.asp?ID=12372
Running time: unknown

"The fascinating contrasts and complexities of Brazil form the inspiration for Água; a joyous homage to a paradise of swaying palm trees, sultry jungles and stalking leopards. Água journeys from beach to rainforest and back again in a playful work brimming with joie de vivre. Dancers are illuminated by fairy lights and men and women splash playfully like children on the beach; Água exemplifies all that is best in Pina Bausch's profound and playful brand of dance theatre." (from the Barbican Centre's website)

Palermo, Palermo (Sicily) - 1 & 2 July
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details (keep an eye out for occasional returns): www.sadlerswells.com/show/Pina-Bausch-World-Cities-2012-Palermo-Palermo
Running time: 2 hours 55 minutes (1 interval)

Despite the wealth of Pina Bausch works on offer in this season, Palermo Palermo is the one work acknowledged as an absolute must-see. Try to get tickets so that you can find out why!

Greenwich + Docklands International Festival - 30 June

The annual open air festival of theatre, dance and more returns to the Greenwich & Docklands area with three great works of dance for you to enjoy.

C-12 Dance Theatre: Trolleys - 1.30pm & 3.05pm
Canary Riverside, Canary Wharf, Tower Hamlets, E14
Details: www.festival.org/whatson/36/trolleys/
Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMIpoP_BbGU

If you haven't watched C-12 Dance Theatre yet, this is your chance! Performing their award-winning street ballet Trolleys, choreographed by Shaun Parker about five trolleys which attempt to find love and friendship at Canary Riverside. Part street dance, part ballet, part acrobatic spectacle, Trolleys is a high-octane, intensely physical and humorous outdoor performance – on wheels!

Company Chameleon: Push - 2.40pm & 4.05pm
Wren Landing, Canary Wharf, Tower Hamlets, E14
Details: www.festival.org/whatson/37/push/

Physically challenging yet sensitive, Push continues a conversation that began in childhood between dance artists Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner. This powerful and engaging duet looks at the stances we take as we relate to one another, how at times we push and at others we yield.

Maresa von Stockert's Tilted Productions: Seasaw - 1pm & 3.40pm
Cabot Square to Canary Riverside, Canary Wharf, Tower Hamlets, E14
Details: www.festival.org/whatson/40/seasaw/

A coastal trail of dance, performance art and physical theatre vignettes and installations, SEASAW is inspired by the great diversity of what the sea and its shores mean to people and what draws us to the coast. Whether evoking a glimmer of the glorious bygone days of Victorian seaside attractions or provoking thoughts on current issues such as coastal erosion and water pollution, this is an unusual, contemporary take on the seaside fair.

Sydney Dance Company: Outsiders - 27 - 29 June
Various locations
Details: www.colf.org/exhibitions/Classical-Music-Contemporary-Music-Dance-Street-Arts/54-Free-Event--Sydney-Dance-Company--Outsiders.cfm

A new duet created by Rafael Bonachela especially for the Festival’s 50 Golden Street Pianos is presented by Sydney Dance Company. The pianos are dotted across the open spaces and landmarks of central London for the public to play for three weeks of the Festival. Two dancers emerge, rendezvous and disappear against a dramatic and ever-changing London backdrop, set to solo piano composed and played by Mercury prize-nominated Gwilym Simcock. A magical open-air performance by one of Australia’s most exciting companies.

If you're on Twitter, you can find updates, timings and locations at @CoLFestival

Royal Ballet: Birthday Offering / A Month in the Country / Les Noces - 30 June - 7 July
Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/18562

While the Royal Ballet's triple bills normally focus on more modern repertoire, this one casts its eyes backwards in time, with two works by Frederick Ashton and Nijinsky's sister Bronislava Nijinska's iconic Les Noces. While Birthday Offering is an abstract series of solos, duets and group sections, A Month in the Country tells the story of a housewife's passion for a visiting tutor, and as for Les Noces... you'll just have to see!

Graduate Shows (and beyond!)

London Contemporary Dance School

Postgraduate Choreography Alumni: 26 & 27 June
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/13942/whats-on/london-contemporary-dance-school.html

An evening of dance that draws together the work of London Contemporary Dance School’s Postgraduate Choreography alumni, featuring works by Simonetta Alessandri, Marguerite Caruana Galizia and Eva Recacha, performed by members of London Contemporary Dance School’s alumni.

EDge: 28 - 30 June
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/12818/whats-on/edge.html

EDge is London Contemporary Dance School's postgraduate performance company, and they will be performing works by Matthias Sperling, James Wilton and Sasha Waltz, as well as works inspired by Richard Alston's Wildlife created by Tony Adigun and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta, last performed at last year's Dance Umbrella.

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Weekly Roundup: 18 June

It's another week dominated by Pina Bausch and by student and graduate shows, but don't let that distract you from StopGap Dance Company's outdoor performance on Sunday as part of GDIF, and a showcase of works by Hofesh Shechter's dancers on Saturday at The Place.


Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch: World Cities 2012

'Der Fensterputzer' ('The Window Washer'; Hong Kong) - 18 & 29 June
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Pina-Bausch-World-Cities-2012-The-Window-Washer
Duration: 2 hours 50 minutes (1 interval)

Bamboo Blues (Kolkata) - 21 & 22 June
Tickets & details: www.barbican.org.uk/theatre/event-detail.asp?ID=12369
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes (1 interval)

We're now into week three of this retrospective season of Pina Bausch's commissions to create works inspired by residencies in various global cities, with the results being highly theatrical, interspersed by some beautiful dance sequences. Those expecting an evening of dance will be disappointed, but there's much to enjoy in Bausch's insights and wry humour.

In Good Company - 23 June
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/12743/whats-on/in-good-company.html

Five of Hofesh Shechter's dancers are stepping out from under Shechter's shadow and exploring their own choreographic talents in this showcase, While they're likely to be influenced at least slightly by Shechter's recognisable style, we're looking forward to seeing James Finnemore's and Sam Coren's new works. Other works will be created by Philip Hulford, Sita Ostheimer and Yeji Kim.

StopGAP Dance Company: Spun Productions - 24 June at 1pm & 4.15pm
Greenwich+Docklands International Festival - Monument Gardens, Greenwich, SE10
Details: www.festival.org/whatson/17/spun-productions

StopGAP, one of the UK’s leading integrated dance companies, returns with the audience favourite Spun Productions, a humourous and highly entertaining piece following the rise and fall of a celebrity wannabe. It's free, so bring some sunshine along and enjoy!

Graduate Shows

INTOTO Dance: 19 & 20 June
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/13514/whats-on/intoto-dance.html

London Studio Centre has several graduate companies, highlighting the diversity of their training, and INTOTO is their contemporary dance company, performing an exciting line-up of leading contemporary choreographers - Nuno Campos, former dancer and Rehearsal Director with Henri Oquike Dance Company; Darren Ellis, a former member of AMP and Richard Alston Dance Company; Cameron McMillan, Associate Artist of DanceEast who has created work for companies ranging from Rambert Dance Company to Royal New Zealand Ballet; and award-winning choreographer and Artistic Director of bgroup, Ben Wright.

Ballet Central: 20 June
Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/events/skm9j

The graduating students of Central School of Ballet present a programme which features new works from Mikaela Polley (Rambert Dance Company), Sharon Watson (Phoenix Dance Theatre) and Sara Matthews, as well as revivals by Matthew Hart, the late David Fielding, and Ballet Central’s founder, the late Christopher Gable. This exciting programme of ballet, contemporary, jazz and narrative dance will also feature live accompaniment by Musical Director Philip Feeney.

LC3: 22 June
Rich Mix
Tickets & details: www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/lc3-220612/

LC3 is the touring company of a handpicked selection of graduating students from London Contemporary Dance School, with many of its performers quickly becoming successes in their own right in the next few years. This programme features repertoire by internationally renowned artists including Richard Alston, Rick Nodine and Janice Garrett alongside student choreography.

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Weekly Roundup: 11 June

This week is again dominated by Pina Bausch, but you shouldn't let that distract you from 2Faced Dance's final London performance of their acclaimed triple bill In The Dust. There are also a few more student shows this week...


2Faced Dance: In The Dust - 14 June
The Albany, Deptford
Tickets & details: www.thealbany.org.uk/event_detail/751/Dance/In-The-Dust

As 2Faced Dance prepare for their Glow Dance Festival, this will be their last London performance of this triple bill which they have been touring since last autumn.

2Faced Dance Company is one of the leading all-male contemporary dance companies, fusing contemporary dance with breakdancing to create powerful and daring performances. In The Dust is a triple bill featuring works by Tom Dale, Freddie Opoku-Addaie and 2Faced Artistic Director Tamsin Fitzgerald - if you haven't seen them yet, this is your chance to make up for it.

Pina Bausch: ...como el musguito en la piedra, ay si si si... - 12 & 13 June
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details (returns only): www.sadlerswells.com/show/Pina-Bausch-World-Cities-2012-Como-el-Musquito
Running time: 2 hrs 40 mins (1 interval)

There is added poignancy for this work, inspired by a residency in Chile, which was Pina Bausch's final work before her premature death in 2009. As with Viktor and Nur Du so far, expect a collection of surreal vignettes which say more about Bausch's recurring themes than they will about Chile itself. But with Bausch as the ultimate creator of tanztheater, who's complaining?

Pina Bausch: Ten Chi - 15 & 16 June
Barbican Centre
Tickets & details (limited availability & returns): www.barbican.org.uk/theatre/event-detail.asp?ID=12368
Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes (1 interval)

As with all of the works in this global collection of Pina Bausch, Ten Chi will likely be a collection of seemingly random and surreal vignettes, identifying idionsyncracies and eccentricities of Japanese life, with a dramatic accompanying set. Sit back and enjoy.

Graduate & postgraduate shows

Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance: 13 June
Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/rambert-school-of-ballet-and-contemporary-dance-by-various

The RSB&CD website has not been updated to include this performance, but like all graduate shows, it will feature a mixture of student choreography with works by well-known choreographers. The standard is surprisingly good.

Verve: 12 June
Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/verve-by-the-northern-school-of-contemporary-dance

Fresh from their performance at The Place, Verve, the postgraduate performance company of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, performs in the more auspicious and less intimate setting of Royal Opera House's Linbury Studio. It's often difficult for lesser-known choreographers to share the programme with well-known choreographers, and the highlight of this programme is definitely the works by Akram Khan, Lea Anderson and James Cousins.

Other highlights

A Flash of Light: The Dance Photography of Chris Nash - until 18 July
Details: www.artsdepot.co.uk/event_details.php?sectionid=visual%20arts&eventid=1653&searchid=current

One of the most distinguished and outstanding dance photographers, Chris Nash's work work has seen him photograph some of this country's best-known and best-loved dancers and companies. This exhibit, far more extensive than the V&A exhibit of last year, explores Nash's innovative and dynamic approach to photography and presents a glimpse of the contemporary dance scene. On display will be photographs that show how Nash experiments with photography, drawing on his fine art background and using lighting, composition and collage to capture the atmosphere and movement of live performance.

Alongside Nash’s original prints will be advertising posters featuring his photography, two abstract video dance pieces created by Nash himself, and a specially commissioned film of the photographer at work. The exhibition will also be accompanied by quotations from choreographers and dancers talking about Nash’s powerful photographs and the inspiration for the images on display.

Royal Opera House: Friends' Booking Day (ballet) - 12 June
Details: www.roh.org.uk/news/201213-season-announced-ballet-and-dance
Booking: www.roh.org.uk

It's time for the seasonal feeding frenzy that is the ROH's Friends' Booking Day, followed by the opera booking day on 13 June - with the added excitement of being the first time the new website will be subjected to such heavy demand. Will we all get the tickets we want?

This will be the final opportunity to book advance tickets for Kevin O'Hare's first season as the Royal Ballet's Artistic Director, with an exciting emphasis on "new"; hot tickets include a triple bill of Macmillan's works, Liam Scarlett's Viscera (originally created for Miami City Ballet) and Phoenix Dance Theatre. If you're not a friend yet and want to join, here's the page you need: www.roh.org.uk/memberships

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What To See: June

The summer and the Olympics are in sight, which means three things: the Greenwich & Docklands International Festival is back, there's a month-long celebration of Pina Bausch's lesser-known works, and a gradual drying up of all the dance shows which have left many exhausted in their wake (including myself). The vocational dance schools's graduate shows also start this month, a great opportunity to keep an eye out for future talent.

2Faced Dance Company's In The Dust: 14 June
The Albany, Deptford
Tickets & details: www.thealbany.org.uk/event_detail/751/Dance/In-The-Dust

2Faced Dance Company is one of the leading all-male contemporary dance companies, fusing contemporary dance with breakdancing to create powerful and daring performances. In The Dust is a triple bill featuring works by Tom Dale, Freddie Opoku-Addaie and 2Faced Artistic Director Tamsin Fitzgerald - if you haven't seen them yet, this is your chance to make up for it.

In Good Company: 23 June
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/12743/whats-on/in-good-company.html

In Good Company showcases the choreographic talents of five of Hofesh Shechter's dancers, including two CDF alumni, James Finnemore and Sam Coren. Given how impressive Finnemore's solo Patriot was, we're hoping for good things.

Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch — World Cities 2012: 6 June - 9 July
Sadler's Wells: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Pina-Bausch-World-Cities-2012
Barbican Centre: www.barbican.org.uk/theatre/series.asp?ID=1011

As part of the 2012 celebrations, Sadler's Wells and the Barbican are presenting month-long season of international co-productions of works created by Tanztheater Wuppertal, inspired by their residencies at specific global cities at the cities' invitation. While any opportunity to see Pina Bausch's works is very welcome, be warned that the average running time of each work is around 3.5 hours (1 interval).

All of the works are sold out, but keep your eyes out for returns.

6 & 7 June 2012
Viktor (Rome): Sadler's Wells

9 & 10 June 2012
Nur Du (Only You) (Los Angeles): Barbican

12 & 13 June 2012
...Como el musguito en la piedra, ay si, si, si... (Santiago de Chile): Sadler's Wells

15 & 16 June 2012
Ten Chi (Saitama): Barbican

18 & 19 June 2012
Der Fensterputzer (The Window Washer) (Hong Kong: Sadler's Wells

21 & 22 June 2012
Bamboo Blues (Kolkata): Barbican

24 & 25 June 2012
Nefés (Istanbul): Sadler's Wells

28 & 29 June 2012
Água (São Paulo): Barbican

1 & 2 July 2012
Palermo Palermo (Palermo): Sadler's Wells

8 & 9 July 2012
Wiesenland (Budapest): Sadler's Wells

Greenwich & Docklands International Festival: 21 - 30 June
Various locations
Further details: www.festival.org

The annual festival of free outdoor theatre, dance and street arts returns with several exciting dance performances. These will include:

StopGAP: Spun Productions
24 June, 1pm & 4.15pm
Monument Gardens, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Wanna be a celebrity? Get yourself on Spun TV! Full of surprises and subversive humour, Spun Productions follows the rise and fall of a celebrity wannabe.

C-12 Dance Theatre, Trolleys
30 June, 1.30pm & 3.05pm. Canary Riverside

A street ballet for supermarket trolleys: five shopping trolleys randomly appear at Canary Riverside. Two meet and fall in love. One grapples fo find a friend. Part street dance, part ballet, part acrobatic spectacle, Trolleys is a high-octane, intensely physical and humorous outdoor performance – on wheels. Choreographed by Shaun Parker.

Company Chameleon, Push
30 June, 2.40pm & 4.05pm.
Wren Landing

Physically challenging yet sensitive, Push continues a conversation that began in childhood between dance artists Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner. This powerful and engaging duet looks at the stances we take as we relate to one another, how at times we push and at others we yield.

Tilted Productions – Maresa Von Stockert, Seasaw
30 June, 1pm & 3.40pm.
Cabot Square to Canary Riverside.

Inspired by the relationship between humans and water, SEASAW cleverly combines a trail of contemporary dance, performance art and physical theatre vignettes with water, humour, and outstanding performances from Tilted’s cast of eight dancers.

Graduate Shows

Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance: 13 June
Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/rambert-school-of-ballet-and-contemporary-dance-by-various

The RSB&CD website has not been updated to include this performance, but like all graduate shows, it will feature a mixture of student choreography with works by well-known choreographers. The standard is surprisingly good.

LC3: 22 June
Rich Mix
Tickets & details: www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/lc3-220612/

LC3 is the London Contemporary Dance School's third-year performance group, featuring the best student choreography and performances from its graduating year. There will be performances of works by Richard Alston, Rick Nodine and Janice Garrett alongside student choreography - this is a great chance to have a sneak preview of the dancers and choreographers who will be making impressive names for themselves over the next few years!

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Weekly Roundup: 4 June

This week, it's all about Pina Bausch. In fact, the same could be said about this month... but that's for a separate post.

Pina Bausch: Viktor (Rome) - 6 & 7 June
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details (returns only): www.sadlerswells.com/show/Pina-Bausch-World-Cities-2012-Viktor
Duration: 3 hours 30 mins (1 interval)

The season of Pina Bausch's World Cities 2012, featuring works inspired by residencies in 10 cities around the world opens with Viktor, a co-production with Teatro Argentina. It is accompanied by a combination of symphonic music, folk tunes and music composed for social dancing - from the Middle Ages to the Jazz Age, and is a humorous exploration of human pain and neurosis.

Pina Bausch: Nur Du (Los Angeles) - 9 & 10 June
Barbican Centre
Tickets & details (returns only): www.barbican.org.uk/theatre/event-detail.asp?ID=12363
Duration: 3 hours 20 mins (1 interval)

Nur Du is a theatrical collage of fragmentary scenes with movement and speech accompanied by pop recordings from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s while musing over the Californian obsession with perfect bodies and the dancers are constantly scrutinising their own bodies - being either pleased or appalled by what they see.

Colin, Simon & I: 8 June
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/12736/whats-on/colin-simon-i.html

Because We Care is about two men testing the bonds and limits of relationships. It asks what draws them together, what unites them and what forces them apart. It is a dance that challenges their commitment, a soundtrack that speaks of loss, a film touched by laughter and a stage set with objects no one should take for granted.

Threads & Watkins Dance: 8 June
Rich Mix
Tickets & details: www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/confines-forget-me-not

Threads, shortlisted for our last festival, presents an updated version of (confines), a brooding piece exam-ining real and perceived barriers. Choreographed by Elizabeth Peck in collaboration with dance lighting designer Anthony Hateley, (confines) is a visually powerful work which explores the notion of confinement and that one can be imprisoned by their own perception of self.

Forget-me-not is a tribute by choreographer Anna Watkins to her late mother, telling the emotive story of Anna's journey both through and after the death of a remarkable and intelligent woman.

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Weekly Roundup: 28 May

For those of us who don't get paid till the end of the month, this is a cruel week with several weeks' worth of exciting shows to see - but that's what credit cards and overdrafts are for, after all.


Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake in 3D - 28 May
Various Odeon cinemas
Tickets & details: www.odeon.co.uk/fanatic/odeon-plus-information/m13992/

Matthew Bourne's best-loved classic Swan Lake is also on tour, having departed Curzon cinemas and is now available for viewing at several Odeon cinemas. This is a thoroughly modern Swan Lake, with the Black Swan in very fetching black leathers, virile male swans, and 3D effects. Richard Winsor and Dominic North are the lead roles as The Swan and The Prince respectively.

Danza Contemporánea de Cuba: 29 May - 1 June
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Danza-Contemporanea-de-Cuba-2012

Danza Contemporánea de Cuba is Cuba's premier contemporary dance company, and this will be only their second visit to London, following the huge success and excitement of their 2010 visit. They will be performing a triple bill featuring the premiere of Itzik Galili's latest work (a mere two weeks after the unveiling of his recent creation for Rambert), Kenneth Kvarnström’s playful Carmen?!, and the award-winning Mambo 3XXI, choreographed by George Céspedes.

Mark Bruce: Made In Heaven - 31 May - 2 June
Wilton's Music Hall
Tickets & details: wiltons.org.uk/event.php?p=366
Trailer: vimeo.com/42544604

Wilton's is possibly London's best-loved music hall, and it's definitely one of the most atmospheric venues, although it is more commonly home to musical theatre. This will be a rare opportunity to see dance performed there, making this a potentially very special show.

Merging ancient themes with the dystopia of contemporary life, Mark Bruce creates a surreal world ruled by a blinded cop and a malicious virgin, where a prairie girl dreams of other lives, and a chain-gang
dances on the edge of an inferno.

With music ranging from Debussy and Leadbelly to Queens of the Stone Age, this dark, sometimes comic piece interrogates the very idea of heaven.

Rambert Dance Company: New Choreography - 31 May
Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre
Tickets & details: ticketing.southbankcentre.co.uk/find/dance-performance/tickets/rambert-dance-company-64911

Following on from last October's presentation of new choreography from several of Rambert's dancers, here is a new edition with works by Dane Hurst, Mbuelo Ndabeni, Patricia Okenwa and Jonathan Goddard & Gemma Nixon. Entirely worth seeing just for Goddard's and Nixon's latest collaboration, however there's another even more compelling reason to attend: this will be Goddard's final performance with Rambert.

New Adventures: Early Adventures - 31 May - 2 June
Richmond Theatre
Tickets & details: www.atgtickets.com/Matthew-Bourne-s-Early-Adventures-Tickets/45/2139/

If you missed Early Adventures at Sadler's Wells - which wasn't hard, given how enthusiastically tickets were selling - you have another chance to see them, as they travel south of the river for a short visit before resuming their tour. This triple bill features three of Matthew Bourne's earliest works, and are rich with comedy, wit and satire - and an unbelievably compelling hedgehog. We loved it.

Royal Ballet: Prince of the Pagodas - 2 - 29 June
Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/the-prince-of-the-pagodas-by-kenneth-macmillan

Dame Monica Mason's final year at the Royal Ballet is finally drawing to a close, and one of the final full-length ballets is this revival of Kenneth MacMillan's "fairytale narrative" exploring eastern lands and themes. Tamara Rojo and Marianela Nuñez are in the lead roles - this will be one of the few remaining opportunities to watch Rojo dancing for the Royal Ballet.

Special Mentions

Flawless & ENB - 1 & 2 June
HMV Hammersmith Apollo
Tickets & details: venues.meanfiddler.com/apollo/full-listings/featured/5842

If you ever wondered what the results of fusing streetdance and classical ballet would look like - and if you abstained from watching Streetdance 3D on principle, then you need wait no longer, as the collaboration of English National Ballet and Flawless has finally arrived!

Accidental Festival

The Accidental Festival is a scheme which offers The Roundhouse to 21 young producers from the Central School of Speech and Drama, allowing them to create an arts festival entirely of their devising. Our picks from their 3-day schedule are as follows:

1 June, 5pm: Cando2
Tickets & details: accidentalfestival.co.uk/index.php/programme/friday-1st-june/146-cravings-of-intimacy-a-solitude-and-long-way-home

Cando2, Candoco Dance Company's youth dance company, performs two works, including 'Long Way Home', choreographed by Cloud Dance Festival veteran Sarah Blanc.

1 June, 7pm: Dance 1:1
Tickets & details: accidentalfestival.co.uk/index.php/programme/friday-1st-june/115-dance-11

This is a quadruple-bill of contemporary dance, featuring the physically astounding Charlie Dixon Dance Company, while SAAD dance is definitely a company to watch.

3 June, 2pm: Coda Dance
Tickets & details: accidentalfestival.co.uk/index.php/programme/sunday-3rd-june/131-you-remind-me-of-someone-i-once-knew

Coda Dance perform their work "You Remind Me of Someone I Once Knew" which explores the suffering of MS and the impact it has on others. It's a powerful and physical work, and definitely worth watching.

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Weekly Roundup: 21 May

Following on from last week's release of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake in 3D at selected cinemas, the celebrations of Matthew Bourne's 25 years continues with the return of a triple bill of his earliest works, performed by some of his best-loved dancers including Drew McOnie. Later in the week, Company Chameleon offers something a little different for Friday evening....

New Adventure's Early Adventures: 21 - 26 May
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Matthew-Bournes-Early-Adventures

Having accumulated rave reviews and countless praise since its recent premiere in Bath, Early Adventures finally arrives in London for a one-week run at Sadler's Wells. This triple bill presents three of Matthew Bourne's earliest works from the days of Adventures in Motion Pictures, including 'Town & Country' which gave Bourne and AMP their first Olivier Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement In Dance in 1992. Dancers include Drew McOnie, Christopher Marney, Kerry Biggin, Mikah Smillie and Dominic North.

Whether or not you love Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, this is a rare opportunity to return to Matthew Bourne's earliest days and see how his distinctive style evolved.

Company Chameleon: 25 May
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/12734/whats-on/company-chameleon.html

Promising "a show packed full of fearless dancing, spoken word and film", Company Chameleon's latest work Gameshow depicts the world of extreme game shows and desperate contestants. Company Chameleon have established a reputation for beautiful choreography and physically impressive performances, so this should be a rewarding treat for the end of this week.

Cloud Dance Festival Corner

Vera Tussing: 22 & 23 May
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/12732/whats-on/vera-tussing.html

Vera Tussing, a frequent collaborator with Albert Quesada and past Place Prize semifinalist, is currently one of The Place's Work Place artists, and You Aint Heard Nothing Yet (Edit) is "a detailed, playful movement piece that focuses not just on movement, but on the movement of sound, and how the two combine to convey narrative and emotion. Edit is created by three performers and several collaborators, among them a sound engineer and a sound effect (foley) artist."

Riccardo Buscarini: 23 May
Italian Cultural Institute
Tickets & details: www.icilondon.esteri.it/IIC_Londra/webform/SchedaEvento.aspx?id=897&citta=Londra

Riccardo Buscarini, a finalist from the last Place Prize, performs Cameo, his Place Prize work, and Segments, a conceptual work based around non-verbal communication.

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Weekly Roundup: 14 May

It's a strictly contemporary week, for those who feel that they've been indulging too heavily in ballet without enough contemporary dance to balance it out. And we don't have long to wait: tonight is a special screening of Matthew Bourne's beloved Swan Lake in 3D with a postshow Q&A, and Rambert Dance Company open their spring programme at Sadler's Wells tomorrow....

Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake in 3D with postshow Q&A: 14 May; general release from 17 May
Curzon Soho
Tickets & details: www.curzoncinemas.com/events/details/1159/matthew-bournes-swan-lake-3d-qa-matthew-bourne--fiona-morris
Tickets & details for general release: www.curzoncinemas.com/events/details/1169/matthew-bournes-swan-lake-3d/

Swan Lake is easily Matthew Bourne's best-loved and most timeless work, which was an unprecedented success when it first opened in 1995 and instantly made Matthew Bourne a household name, if only because of those "male swans" (and Adam Cooper, of course). Not only is this a chance to see Bourne's work at its best, but it's in 3D. What more excuse do you need?

Rambert Dance Company: 15 - 19 May
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Rambert-Dance-Company-LApres-midi-dun-faune-What-Wild-Ecstasy

Rambert's spring programmes are usually rather more exciting than their autumn programmes, and this one is no exception, with a reprisal of the delicious Art of Touch by Siobhan Davies. Also on the programme is Mark Baldwin's reworking of Nijinsky's Apres-midi d'un faun, and a new work by Itzik Galili, choreographer of the memorable A Linha Curva.

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Weekly Roundup: 23 April

This week sees the London première of Scottish Ballet's Streetcar Named Desire, and the final performance of the Royal Ballet's attention-seeking triple bill. Outside of London, the International Dance Festival Birmingham is starting - perfect for a few days away (or indeed, if you live in or near there)!

Royal Ballet: Polyphonia, Sweet Violets & Carbon Life - 23 April
Royal Opera House
Tickets & details (returns & day tickets only): www.roh.org.uk/whatson/production.aspx?pid=18146

Tonight sees the final performance of the Royal Ballet's latest triple bill, and your last chance to see Mark Ronson, Alison Mosshart and Boy George sharing the stage with Royal Ballet's dancers

This triple bill might appear as something of a mission statement of where the Royal Ballet currently finds itself, with works by its current in-house choreographers: a revival of Christopher Wheeldon's Polyphonia, originally created for the New York City Ballet; Liam Scarlett's first narrative ballet, and another no-holds-barred work by Wayne McGregor.

Wheeldon's Polyphonia has received rave reviews from the press, and more divided feedback from audiences; if you loved Wheeldon's Alice, you'll love this - and you'll no doubt recognise a few sections. Liam Scarlett's Sweet Violets explores the world of artist Walter Sickert at the time of the Jack The Ripper murders; while not perfect, it's still a very entertaining piece with some lovely duets. The pièce de resistance is Wayne McGregor's Carbon Life, which features outlandish costumes by Gareth Pugh, music by Mark Ronson and vocals by Black Cobain, Alison Mosshart and Boy George, among others. It's one of McGregor's better works, and the music will stay with you long afterwards.

Spring Loaded: Goddard Nixon & José Agudo - 24 April
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/12716/whats-on/goddard-nixon-jose-agudo.html

Rambert Dance Company's Jonathan Goddard and Gemma Nixon return to The Place with Fitcher’s Bird, a work which they first performed last autumn in Rambert's Season of New Choreography. It's an astonishingly impressive duet - with lots and lots of feathers. No birds were harmed in the making of this work, though....

Ballet Revolución: 25 April - 19 May
Peacock Theatre
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Ballet-Revolucion

Ballet Revolución are described as "an explosive fusion of ballet, contemporary dance and hip hop from a company of supremely talented Cuban dancers and live musicians" - we're hoping for the best from them!

Scottish Ballet: A Streetcar Named Desire - 26 - 28 April
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Scottish-Ballet-A-Streetcar-Named-Desire

The London première of Scottish Ballet's exciting new work has finally arrived, after accumulating rave reviews from its initial performances so far. Particular praise is given to the lead dancer Eve Mutso and the creative team tasked with adapting this iconic work for the dance stage: American theatre and film director Nancy Meckler and international choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. It's selling very fast, so catch them if you can!

Special Mention

International Dance Festival Birmingham: 23 April - 19 May
Further details: www.idfb.co.uk

IDFB is a four-week dance festival which not only presents some of the best names in dance, but also turns the city of Birmingham into a dance stage, with various site-specific works taking place over the next few weeks. Highlights include the final performances of Artifact by Royal Ballet Flanders, Russell Maliphant and Sylvie Guillem in PUSH and three short works by Birmingham Royal Ballet.

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