Tabula Rasa - Fri & Sat

Cloud Dance Festival: Tabula Rasa
The Courtyard Theatre, N1
4 & 5 July 2008
Reviewed by Angele Spiteri Paris

Standout pieces by headliners Ffin Dance made the audience gasp through the sheer strength and beauty of the dancers conveying the artful choreography of The Cuckoo's Nest and Duetti. The concepts were clearly driven without being trite and the polished technique helped the audience melt into the world the company had created.

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Tabula Rasa - Sunday


Sunday 6 July

A quarterly contemporary dance platform open to both emerging and established dance companies, the July Cloud Dance Festival offered its “largest and most ambitious line up yet”.
The atmosphere at The Courtyard Theatre on a warm Sunday night was made even steamier in the small theatre space brimming with a lively audience there to see the latest in contemporary dance. And this year’s festival, entitled Tabula Rasa, did not fail to deliver.

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Sun: Michelle Harris

From March 26th – 28th , Cloud Dance Festival hosted Trouble & Desire, its 10th festival, celebrated at the Pleasance Theatre in North London. Sunday’s choreographic platform was on the whole particularly blessed by companies boasting strong, well accomplished dancers and inventive movement choices. Therefore, throughout the night, it was frustrating that a lack of diversity in pace and climatic build of kinetic energy, seemed to dampen the overall impact of several works.

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Sat: Laura Bridges

Contemporary dance is often met with groans and confused looks, but this audience was both appreciative and intrigued to see more. Trouble and Desire, following suit from the 9 festivals before it, provided a platform for emerging contemporary choreographers and companies to show their work in The Pleasance Theatre, Islington. Offering these opportunities thrice yearly, Cloud Dance Festival is an unfunded organisation working to develop audiences for contemporary dance and is successful in its mission.

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