While there are two more exciting offerings from Pina Bausch's Tanztheater Wuppertal this week, the wonderful Sydney Dance Company are back in town, GDIF presents C-12 Dance Theatre, Tilted Productions and Company Chameleon - and there's a new triple bill by the Royal Ballet.

Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch: World Cities 2012

Nefes (Istanbul) - 25 June
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details (keep an eye out for occasional returns): www.sadlerswells.com/show/Pina-Bausch-World-Cities-2012-Nefes
Running time: 2 hours 50 minutes (1 interval)

Eagerly anticipated, but considered by some to be a disappointment, Pina Bausch's reflection on Istanbul offers some lovely dancing and another creative set, but little insight into Turkish life beyond hammam references and a wealth of Turkish music.

Agua (Rio de Janeiro) - 28 & 29 June
Barbican Centre
Tickets & details (keep an eye out for occasional returns): www.barbican.org.uk/theatre/event-detail.asp?ID=12372
Running time: unknown

"The fascinating contrasts and complexities of Brazil form the inspiration for Água; a joyous homage to a paradise of swaying palm trees, sultry jungles and stalking leopards. Água journeys from beach to rainforest and back again in a playful work brimming with joie de vivre. Dancers are illuminated by fairy lights and men and women splash playfully like children on the beach; Água exemplifies all that is best in Pina Bausch's profound and playful brand of dance theatre." (from the Barbican Centre's website)

Palermo, Palermo (Sicily) - 1 & 2 July
Sadler's Wells
Tickets & details (keep an eye out for occasional returns): www.sadlerswells.com/show/Pina-Bausch-World-Cities-2012-Palermo-Palermo
Running time: 2 hours 55 minutes (1 interval)

Despite the wealth of Pina Bausch works on offer in this season, Palermo Palermo is the one work acknowledged as an absolute must-see. Try to get tickets so that you can find out why!

Greenwich + Docklands International Festival - 30 June

The annual open air festival of theatre, dance and more returns to the Greenwich & Docklands area with three great works of dance for you to enjoy.

C-12 Dance Theatre: Trolleys - 1.30pm & 3.05pm
Canary Riverside, Canary Wharf, Tower Hamlets, E14
Details: www.festival.org/whatson/36/trolleys/
Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMIpoP_BbGU

If you haven't watched C-12 Dance Theatre yet, this is your chance! Performing their award-winning street ballet Trolleys, choreographed by Shaun Parker about five trolleys which attempt to find love and friendship at Canary Riverside. Part street dance, part ballet, part acrobatic spectacle, Trolleys is a high-octane, intensely physical and humorous outdoor performance – on wheels!

Company Chameleon: Push - 2.40pm & 4.05pm
Wren Landing, Canary Wharf, Tower Hamlets, E14
Details: www.festival.org/whatson/37/push/

Physically challenging yet sensitive, Push continues a conversation that began in childhood between dance artists Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner. This powerful and engaging duet looks at the stances we take as we relate to one another, how at times we push and at others we yield.

Maresa von Stockert's Tilted Productions: Seasaw - 1pm & 3.40pm
Cabot Square to Canary Riverside, Canary Wharf, Tower Hamlets, E14
Details: www.festival.org/whatson/40/seasaw/

A coastal trail of dance, performance art and physical theatre vignettes and installations, SEASAW is inspired by the great diversity of what the sea and its shores mean to people and what draws us to the coast. Whether evoking a glimmer of the glorious bygone days of Victorian seaside attractions or provoking thoughts on current issues such as coastal erosion and water pollution, this is an unusual, contemporary take on the seaside fair.

Sydney Dance Company: Outsiders - 27 - 29 June
Various locations
Details: www.colf.org/exhibitions/Classical-Music-Contemporary-Music-Dance-Street-Arts/54-Free-Event--Sydney-Dance-Company--Outsiders.cfm

A new duet created by Rafael Bonachela especially for the Festival’s 50 Golden Street Pianos is presented by Sydney Dance Company. The pianos are dotted across the open spaces and landmarks of central London for the public to play for three weeks of the Festival. Two dancers emerge, rendezvous and disappear against a dramatic and ever-changing London backdrop, set to solo piano composed and played by Mercury prize-nominated Gwilym Simcock. A magical open-air performance by one of Australia’s most exciting companies.

If you're on Twitter, you can find updates, timings and locations at @CoLFestival

Royal Ballet: Birthday Offering / A Month in the Country / Les Noces - 30 June - 7 July
Royal Opera House
Tickets & details: www.roh.org.uk/productions/18562

While the Royal Ballet's triple bills normally focus on more modern repertoire, this one casts its eyes backwards in time, with two works by Frederick Ashton and Nijinsky's sister Bronislava Nijinska's iconic Les Noces. While Birthday Offering is an abstract series of solos, duets and group sections, A Month in the Country tells the story of a housewife's passion for a visiting tutor, and as for Les Noces... you'll just have to see!

Graduate Shows (and beyond!)

London Contemporary Dance School

Postgraduate Choreography Alumni: 26 & 27 June
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/13942/whats-on/london-contemporary-dance-school.html

An evening of dance that draws together the work of London Contemporary Dance School’s Postgraduate Choreography alumni, featuring works by Simonetta Alessandri, Marguerite Caruana Galizia and Eva Recacha, performed by members of London Contemporary Dance School’s alumni.

EDge: 28 - 30 June
The Place
Tickets & details: www.theplace.org.uk/12818/whats-on/edge.html

EDge is London Contemporary Dance School's postgraduate performance company, and they will be performing works by Matthias Sperling, James Wilton and Sasha Waltz, as well as works inspired by Richard Alston's Wildlife created by Tony Adigun and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta, last performed at last year's Dance Umbrella.