In the thick of the January snow, our team of four plus two new faces reconnected with each other and with 'Setback'. Here's our most recent rehearsals in words...

Rehearsal 9: Pegasus, Return, Wings, Costumes, Electric.

The bulk of this day was dedicated to the opening 'flying' section. Whilst tough on the hip flexors and increasingly taxing on the brain ('five of those, three together, three with both arms, one to the left'), this section of soft but constant movement has begun to become something of a backbone for the whole piece; it sets up what is to come brilliantly.

This rehearsal also saw us choosing costume from the mound of choices that we'd all burrowed to find. After much deliberation and girly-admiration for others' garments, neutral tones and voluminous blouses were the overall consensus. The piece is beginning to discover its real aesthetic identity.

Rehearsal 10: Breathe, Chaos, Bounce, Curiosity, Filming

This Sunday rehearsal saw the reprise of the egg-and-spoon-in-a-sack race, and went deeper into the climax section of the piece.

Pushing, pulling and turning our imaginary partner, getting closer and more frantic until we collide, and finding moments of sudden stillness, this section serves as a culmination of many of the previous elements of the piece, constantly building until most of us exit the space, leaving Jan alone, having 'lost her wallet'.

These longer and more focused rehearsals have allowed a truer understanding of the piece to form...a good thing, really, as the performance date (Wednesday 13th February, folks!) is hurtling ever closer...

Visit www.theplace.org.uk/15963/whats-on/7030-split-luisa-lazzaro-cocodanse.html for Resolution! details and tickets; hope to see you there!