Martial Dance

  Martial Dance is more than a dance company; it is a movement language that is born from the physical realities of the body rather than mentalities that divide society today. Integrating elements from formal dance techniques and social dance styles, with a variety of martial arts disciplines, Martial Dance is a movement democracy that embraces individuality and originality and the choreography never ceases to surprise and delight audiences.

Doesn’t just kick-ass, it boots pre-conceptions about what dance is off the radar
The Herald on Martial Dance (Fringe 07)

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Tempered Body Dance Company

Read more ...  Tempered Body Dance Company is a London-based dance collective, a multi-national nexus of choreographers and performers drawn from the full breadth of the dance spectrum, collaborating with established artists from extra-dance disciplines.

Founded in '07 by Canadian choreographer Magdalene Wynne-Jones, Tempered Body Dance Company aims to harness the creative energy generated by the fusion of diverse individual constituents and channel it toward original, thought-provoking and emotively powerful performance pieces.

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Cloud Dance

  A fresh, young dance company, Cloud Dance has attracted an international set of talented dance artists eager to produce stunning performances. The eclectic mix of characters, styles and choreographers come together to bring audiences a unique experience of the art of dance.

Cloud Dance aims to act as a bridge between the practice of dance and professional dance companies – giving artists the opportunity to train and performance under the auspices of a company while also pursuing other  prospects that come their way.

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Beyond Repair Dance

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Beyond Repair Dance formed in 2006 under the co-direction of Jane Coulston and Matthew Howells.


Following the success of their debut work 'Beyond Repair' premiered at the Place's Robin Howard Theatre the company have performed extensively throughout England and Wales, while leading numerous workshops and residency programs. 





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