Transient Dance Theatre


Transient Dance Theatre is proud of being formed of a multicultural cast from various backgrounds. The TDT was founded in 2008 by Spanish choreographer and director Ana Fernández Martínez. The initiative of this group arises from the need for an environment where they are able to express, explore and exchange creative ideas and challenges and collaborate with various artists. The company aims to create and perform alive and inquisitive work with alternating artists in constant exchange of new ideas.


Ji Park’s choreography is based on abstract movement. The basis of her work is spontaneous and instinctive, which is influenced by her South Korean origin and it is particularly difficult to dancers trained in the western contemporary dance tradition. Her vocabulary is very fast-paced and based upon the combination of very short and sharp sequential phrases.





Transience develops through improvisation with movement, text and sound scores. The artists involved have used 30 synonyms of the word transience (ephemeral, passing, momentary, transitory) and two texts form Calvinos Cosmicomics as a starting source. The result is an abstract, at times absurd yet captivating and highly expressive, physical theatre/dance/acting experiment that reflects on how our existences are tangled in an endless sequence of events ad infinitum.


Choreographed by Ji Park

Dancers: Ana Fernández Martinez, Rachel Champion, Sofia Fernández Martinez, Antonio Ruiz Saboya, Carissa Rickeard