Rancid Ance


Rancid Ance (formerly Rancidance) was created in 2007 by Olivia Vella.

The company aims to create and perform innovative and inquisitive dance theatre, involving multifaceted dance artists from various backgrounds.

Our inspirations are vast and wide-ranging, but share a freshness that makes our repertoire an eclectic range of challenging work, that will not fail to entertain.


This collaboration with dub artist/singer Sara Fuga looks at the different interpersonal dynamics in the context of flirtation, casual intimacy, and romantic fantasy.

The main theme of the piece is the casual, non-traditional approach to sex and romantic encounters that is more and more common. In part liberating and fun, in part self-centred and shallow. The piece is about the modern serial dater’s craving for closeness, but inability to compromise.

Choreography: Olivia Vella

Dancers: Rosa Aledo, Anna Lamonica, Emmanuel Reynaud, Yoshiko Wada

Vocals: Sara Fuga

Music: Original score by Sara Fuga



Photos of 'work in progress - ode to the kitchen sink' from Cloud Dance Festival: Dream On (September 2008):