Sezdrenah Dance Theatre SEZDRENAH is a new emerging company formed in 2007, based in London, whose founders are 2003 graduates of DeMontfort University (Bedfordshire University). Their aim is to entertain, educate,promote performance as an expressive art form and to create opportunities for performers to showcase themselves and there work. SEZDRENAH is focused on producing performances that touch your senses.


Free me out of existence
The piece takes you on a journey through the mental and physical turmoil of a new existence within one soul. Within this one body a magnified projection of characteristics, moods and egos will taking place to illustrate a once dormant consciousness that manifest it-selves as 3 beings with no expression, but with 3 individual mind states with an unspoken unified connection. The piece aims to show how the three egos keep the forth and main body balanced by taking on external burdens from the outside world. The pieces progresses on to show the combination and release of these egos through one body and how these once dormant characters revive the forth body to be ‘Free! from existence’.
Choreographer: Denzil Barnes
Dancers: Leon Bless, Marley Seville, Ashley Pope, Adrian Falconer, Denzil Barnes