Flexa Dance Theatre is proud of being formed of a multicultural cast from various backgrounds. The initiative of this group arises from the need for an environment where they are able to express, explore and exchange creative ideas and challenges and collaborate with various artists. The company aims to create and perform alive and inquisitive work with alternating artists in constant exchange of new ideas.

Festival and Nagune…

Inspired by the movements of people, and the presence of a home away from home, Festival and nagune (wayfarer) views the individual artists’ personal experiences as an ongoing flux of sensations, emotions, curiosities, wishes, dreams and struggles. Festival and nagune (wayfarer) is also inner journey through culture, prejudice and trend which mirror isolated urban existence.

Explores the relationships between live action and the intervention of visual image. Body action and image are related as an instrument for the outward manifestation of changes in our invisible emotional states.

Choreographer: Ji Park
Dancers: Bea Triarchis, Rachel Champion, Sharon Daly, Rowan Mitchell, Angharad Harrop