Pangaea Dance



Pangaea from the Greek meaning "entire"; the supercontinent. 


Our goal is to develop an international touring company that employs dancers from different backgrounds; working together without racial, sexual, religious or social boundaries. The aim is to one day audition and employ dancers from various countries. Pangaea Dance is a mix of Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Latin, Ballroom, Flamenco and Street. Our company also uses elements of Musical Theatre, Martial Arts, Chinese Folk and other National dances developing a new dance form; Pangaea or "Entire" Dance. 


Juliet & Romea



Pangaea Dance will be performing a 15min excerpt from their soon to be mounted full length production of Juliet & Romea. A contemporary reworking of the classic Romeo & Juliet with multiple twists in the plot. This Contemporary/Ballet/Jazz production is set to brilliant new music by the gifted young composer Alex J Steed and features a cast of 16 young dancers. 


Muslim Juliet and Christian Romea; the clash of two cultures and love of two women. 



Choreographed by Milo Miles

Dancers: Juliet & Romea Cast: Alison Alexandra Ho Chee, Anders Iversen, Anna Apisa, Benny Maslov, Chiara Castania, Charlie Cameron, David Murley, Hannah Frost, Jessica Steed, Lottie Croucher, Mark McManus, Michelle Kane, Milo Miles, Sage Hood, Sarah Amos, Silje Rise.

Understudies: Emily Ayers, Ildy Minardi, Julie Lynne, Teresa Callan.  

Artistic Director/Creator: Milo Miles

Rehearsal Director: Jessica Steed