Van Huynh Company was founded in 2008 to further the exploration of the human body and its relationship through time and space. Inspired by everyday life and people, Dam’s choreographies are grounded in reality and dig further to access a deeper layer of conscience. The Company selects movements and attitudes to process this information by expanding and exaggerating the observed gestures. The result is a physical dance creating a sense of surrealism, where the capacities of the human body are explored to its extremes and infinite details become prominent.

Dam Van Huynh won the audience prize on each of the ten nights of The Place Prize in 2008.


“Sudden Change of Event”



“Sudden Change of Event” is an exploration of the fragility of momentary events. Each moment of our existence can have infinite outcomes; sudden changes may occur any time and drive the individual to adapt.

The choreography draws its main focus on the different dancers and their behaviours, alternately interacting or simply coexisting without conflict.

The dancers and their individual languages, lives and choices are brought together into the same space. Sometimes, it appears that their paths have been united explicitly, when suddenly a change breaks the harmony of the moment and put an end to the encounter.

Choreography: Dam Van Huynh

Dancers: Tim Bartlett, Valentina Golfieri, Dom Czapki, Laura Fallon, Dam Van Huynh



Website: www.damvanhuynh.com






Reviews of Collision at The Place Prize 2008:


"Dam Van Huynh won the audience prize on all ten nights – a record that can obviously never be broken – and £10,000 to go with it."


"It is certainly the best of the pure dance work we have seen to date and ought to be a shoe-in for the Final on that basis alone."


- Graham Watts



"Finally, the night ended with Dam Van Huynh’s 'Collision' which really took the night to a whole new level. .... This professional piece was engaging and entertaining from start to end..."


- Emma Stevenson