Ceyda Tanc Dance

Read more ...Volta is Ceyda Tanc's latest work, and it has been performed widely since its premiere at Resolution! at The Place earlier this year (on the same night as Ieva Kuniskis) including at the Brighton Fringe in The Famous Spiegeltent.

As Ceyda Tanc Dance is a Brighton-based company, there hasn't been a chance to pop down for rehearsals, so here are some photos taken by Ceyda's sister Amber Tanc at the Spiegeltent in Brighton.

Volta will be performed on Sunday 7 July, and you can read more about it here.

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Raymond Chai

Read more ...Raymond Chai is creating an as-yet-unnamed duet for Cloud Dance Festival, about the tensions and unspoken challenges in fleeting relationships. It's to be performed by Melanie López and Oliver Freeston: previously appearing in Cloud Dance Festival in December 2009 with Diciembre Dance Group, Melanie has also worked with Peter Schaufuss Ballet, Ballet Ireland and Avatara Ayuso, while Oliver has worked with the Georgian State Ballet, Peter Schaufuss Ballet and Company C Contemporary Ballet, and performed at the last Cloud Dance Festival with Sol Dans. It'll be great to have both of them back!

Raymond Chai's duet will be performed on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July, and you can read more about it here.

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Hana Saotome

Read more ...These aren't rehearsal photos so much as a photoshoot by Hana Saotome and two of her dancers, as she needed some publicity photos for Sombras do Tempo (shadows of time), which she'll be presenting at Cloud Dance Festival on Saturday 6 July.

This will be the third work she has created for Cloud Dance Festival, having performed four times with Beyond Repair Dance as well in the distant murky early years of Cloud Dance Festival.

More details of Hana and her work can be read here.

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Ieva Kuniskis

Read more ...These photos were taken at Ieva Kuniskis's final rehearsal before taking Gone To Get Milk to Lithuania to perform at the prestigious Baltic Dance Festival.

As Zoe Georgallis could not join Helen Aschauer and Charlie Ford for this and other performances in Lithuania, Ieva Kuniskis took over her role.

Ieva will be presenting Gone To Get Milk on Sunday 7 July, and you can read more details here.

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