FREE TO FALL FEB13 0584 Ludo de CognetsSunday 7 July. Ieva began dancing in Vilnius, Lithuania where, inspired by her father’s work in mime, she explored movement and theatre before taking up dance training. She now lives and creates in London, occasionally performing in other choreographers’ work.

Ieva's approach to dance making is rooted in Lithuanian theatre and folk tradition of storytelling. Her work is acutely autobiographical often featuring domestic, human themes as a backdrop. She draws from theatre, mime, folk dances and simple every day actions, looking at other art forms, personal history or strangers in the street. Inspired by her surroundings Ieva translates it into dance that is physical and emotionally charged, often comical, even absurd – a curious commentary on life.

Ieva engages the audiences with choreography that is accessible without being patronising. Her work captures on an intuitive level allowing the viewer to add their own narrative through their personal histories, questioning their own perceptions of world around them.


Gone To Get MilkSunday 7 July

The same walls, the same people, the same never changing landscape that makes you want to scream for change, yet the same familiarity that brings you comfort. And every time you say you're leaving, you are just going to get milk...  

Choreographed by Ieva Kuniskis
Performed by Helen Aschauer, Charlie Cooper Ford, Ieva Kuniskis

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Twitter: @IevaKuniskis
Facebook: IevaKuniskisDance