CTD2 sSunday 7 July. Ceyda Tanc Dance is an emerging contemporary dance company led by Artistic Director and Choreographer, Ceyda Tanc.

The company focuses on creating cutting edge and dynamic contemporary dance works, with influence of traditional Turkish folk dance. Ceyda Tanc combines the knowledge gained during her contemporary dance training with the dance style of her heritage to create a unique movement vocabulary.


In Turkish prisons, to turn your back on your fellow inmate during a walking exercise is a sign of great disrespect. How do we convey this disrespect in everyday life, and how do people react to it?

With six female dancers, Ceyda Tanc explores this walking exercise and its outcomes, fusing contemporary dance with Turkish folk dance, the dance style of her heritage, to create a dramatic movement language.       

Choreographed by Ceyda Tanc
Performed by Hayley Ovens, Georgia Godfrey, Kimberley Collins, Chloe Mead, Amba Potter and Stephanie Potter

Twitter: @ceydatancdance 
Facebook: CeydaTancDance