DSC 0289Friday 5 July. AniCo. is a recently formed company under the direction of Anna-Lise Marie Hearn. Her work has been developing over the past few years during her training at London Studio Centre. The work of the company is complex, strong and physically articulate. Anna-Lise hopes to push the future development of the company, and strives to continue to create work with AniCo.



Transcend is a physically intricate work that focuses on the manipulation of the body and the complex relationships that exists between the dancers. The piece explores the notion that movement as a language can transcend other forms of communication, for example the voice. The work will go further, delve deeper and push the limits of the dancers possibilities and roles, allowing them to reach a state of being that exists above and independant of the norm.

Choreographed by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn
Performed by Onyemachi Ejimofor, Jennie Jones and Lise Nymoen

Twitter: @AnnieHearn