A captivating performer and creative force, Julia is dedicated to exploring the intersections between history and the contemporary world, in the process creating a richly sensual experience. Trained at the Boston Conservatory, Julia joined Lori Belilove’s Isadora Duncan Dance Company in 2001. Moving to Italy in 2005, she is currently an international representative of the Company, teaching throughout Italy and creating new work. After joining the Art Monastery Project as Director of Programming in 2007, she has performed and collaborated in the creation of new work in Lodz, Poland and Basel, Switzerland, incorporating actors, and singers, and working with a rotating group of dancers.

In 2009 she brought the Isadora Duncan Dance Company to Italy to create and premier La Clausura Sconfinata, an hour long dance theater work (developed with the Art Monastery) that explores the paradoxical richness of cloistered life through dance, baroque music and gregorian chant. In 2010, the little difference words make (song of the sibyl) premiered at Rome's Cometa Off theater as part of the Exit series for emerging artists. Cloud Dance Festival will be the first presentation of Ms. Pond's work in London.

the little difference words make (excerpts)

An exploration of the sibyls, mythical greek and roman prophetesses. The movement is sourced from the Isadora Duncan technique but uses elements of aikido and a higher degree of athleticism, creating a powerful, sensual, musical world. A duet explores themes of imprisonment, limitation and dependence (with the dancers completely veiled), a trio the wild escape from the caves (or a night on the town) and a solo the isolation of a new world. Original poetry by Veronica Gorodetskaya (spoken by the dancers) punctuates the dances and further characterizes the performers.

Choreographer: Julia Pond
Dancers: Laura Brera, Emma Beard, Julia Pond, Roberta Escamilla Garrison



Photo copyright Francesca Ausenda and Victor deLeo