Antique Dances was founded in 2009 by London-based dancer, choreographer and teacher Holly Noble. Antique Dances’ work predominantly falls within classical and contemporary spectrum of dance and is a collaborative company working with new and innovative choreographers, musicians and artists as well as working within education, the community and youth dance.

Together through a variety of inputs and diverse artistic backgrounds we aim to push the frontiers of classical and contemporary dance and help bring dance to a wider audience through performance, workshops and classes.


Ternion translates to "set of three" in relation to the three dancers: either two male and a female dancer or two female and a male dancer. Ternion is in 4 parts (Trio, Solo, Duet, Trio) and aims to play with and challenge the preconcieved ideas of what is expected of male and female dancers and also their roles within dance.

Choreographer: Holly Noble
Dancers: Sarah Davison, Holly Noble, Brett Murray