Anima Dance Company is a recently established contemporary dance company, formed in 2009 with fellow students from The London Contemporary Dance School, Middlesex University and independent artists.

The company was formed with the objective of researching into the study of movement and presenting conclusions of their research through improvisation, contact improvisation, physical theatre, contemporary and theatre dance. Initially the company focused on presenting the human body performing unnatural, primitive and unusual movement. The name ‘Anima’ represents the company’s propensity to create movement with ‘animalistic’ and ‘animated’ qualities.

Anima Dance Company strives to collaborate with different artists and work in varied environments such as theatre and site-specific, and explore and present original, experimental and accessible work.


Dual explores the emotional intensity of exhaustion, frustration and repetition in a relationship. No matter how much you love someone, the small annoyances in life can become an overwhelming strain on a relationship. Based on contemporary dance technique, physical theatre, contact improvisation and taking inspiration from observing people’s obsessions with habits, consumption and how their bodies become home to an inner junk world, the piece explores how the little habits we all have in life can become a potent burden.

Choreographer: Magdalena Radlowska
Dancers: Magdalena Radlowska and Pawel Kuzma

Photo copyright Maciej Wrzesinski