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Kerstin Schellander

Solo for Two
Choreographers & Dancers:
Alexandra Wingate & Kerstin Olivia Schellander


This project is a research about the two of us
creating a solo together; It deals with the
choreographer/performer and the friend/colleague
 dynamics which exist within the collaboration.

Two equal dance artists and friends meet and by
 letting the process slowly unfold ask the question:
 Where does “the dance” come from?

By defining edges of improvised movement
and then diving deeper into it we are searching
for the ambiguity and the multiple meanings
 existing in the solo.

Kerstin Schellander is originally from Austria,
Alexandra Wingate comes from Sweden. Both of us
 studied at the Laban Dance Center where we found
 each other as friends and collaborators. We have now
 been working and researching together for over
 a period of three years.

Sylvia Ferreira Dance Company


Sylvia Ferreira Dance Company
Marks That Behold


''Marks that Behold' attempts to entice the dark and light
images of the Catholic Religion; the work explores the
dancer's interpretation of those images however the
piece does not attempt to make a statement about the
religion, that is what the audience is there for.


'The nails that bore him down
Are what pieced me back together
And though I carry the marks for eternity
They remind me to be thankful for the life I have now forever'
-Jacqui Johnston

Choreographer: Sylvia Dos Santos Ferreira
Dancers: Jacqui Johnston, Lorraine Smith, Jillian Stein
Music: Composed by John Chambers

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Lisa Hood

Lisa Hood
Elddup (a segment)

This is a small 10 minute extract from the original

piece which was performed in Peckham at the Sassoon


The original piece is 30 minutes long and was performed

outdoors with buckets, benches, tunnels and

lots of concrete!

Choreographer: Lisa Hood
Dancers: Sharon Day, Catrin Lewis, Lisa Hood.

Music: tbc

Silversmith Dance Company

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Silversmith Dance Company
Products of Conception II (reworked)


Products of Conception II (reworked), originally a

male duet, has been recreated into an emotive

solo performance, which explores the loss of

parenthood and loneliness, and was premiered

at Ladyfest, The Carriageworks, Leeds



Choreographer: Lorraine Smith
Dancers: Colin McLean
Music: Composed by John Chambers





Freefall Physical Theatre

Freefall Physical Theatre
Forget Me Not


This is a portrayal of a couple going through the

motions of a relationship when the spark has faded,

and their hopeful past is now a diminishing

memory... forget me not.

Choreographers: John Healey & Lisa Hood
Dancers: John Healey & Lisa Hood
Music: Qua

Beyond Repair Dance


Beyond Repair Dance
By the Wayside
A trio that touches upon the complexity of communication.

Choreographer: Matthew Howells
Dancers: Jane Coulston, Matthew Howells, Roxanne Mortimer
Music: hangable auto bulb


Vivien Bridson

Vivien Bridson

Our piece is made using structured improvisations
which arose from different sources; from mythological

to contemporary. Within it are the themes of

calmness and conflict, serenity, aggression

and isolation.
It is a work in progress.

Choreographer: The whole Company, directed by Vivien Bridson
Dancers: Vesna Grandes, Linda Hogg, Ellie Raymont,
 Irene Arroyo Laguilla, Natasha Lowe
Music: Dov Waterman

Cloud Dance

Cloud Dance
A Thousand Conversations
"Only a hundred conversations
as we didn't have as much time...."


Do not speak unless you can improve the silence.

Or why so many attempts to communicate are

nullified by saying too much.

Choreographer: Dana Kolesarova

Dancers: Jillian Stein, Lisa Hood, Wan-Chen Chang,
 Edyth Cormack, Louise Hanisch, Claudia Selfe,
 Dana Kolesarova, Katie Thies,
Margarita Maniati, Nina Brünner


 With kind thanks: Ciba Barnik, Adeline Yong,
 Chantal Guevara, Fanny Lacoste


Music: Nitin Sawnhey


Cloud Dance
How I Survived Borscht?
"about women, love, despair, onions, beetroot
and a tent. And PJ Harvey's early music."

Choreographer: Amandine Vighi
Dancers: Dana Kolesarova, Amandine Vighi, Jillian Stein,
 Wan-Chen Chang, Chantal Guevara, Fanny Lacoste,
Nina Brünner, Margarita Maniati,
 Ciba Barnik, Edyth Cormack

With kind thanks: Laura Newman


Onion Girl: Chantal Guevara
Music: P J Harvey

Costumes: Abee Abee

Scarlett Perdereau

Scarlett Perdereau

Rear Window/She, Moves, Me

Solo extract from ‘Rear Window/She, Moves, Me,’ a dance theatre piece inspired by the portrayal of women in films and photography: Hitchcock and Fifties retro, Pedro Almodovar, Helmut Newton… It explores rituals of womanhood, privacy vs. voyeurism and female complicité. The choreography plays around with clichés while revealing snippets of what the ‘real’ women behind the characters might be. This work-in-progress solo intends to encapsulate those themes through a more intimate and idiosyncratic language.

Choreographer: Scarlett Perdereau
Dancers: Jinji Garland & Eva Voulgari
Music: Pan Sonic, Pink Martini, Twenties Blues Songs, Laurent Garnier