Exquisite Corpse | Dance Theatre

Upon graduating, choreographer of Exquisite Corpse | Dance Theatre Anthony was offered positions as apprentice dancer with both The Jasmin Vardimon Company and Surface Area Dance Theatre, choosing Surface Area Dance Theatre which would allow close contact with Creative Director Nicole Vivien Watson.

When completing his apprentice position Anthony was offered the position as Associate Artist at both Dance City and The Arc Stockton.  This association with the regional dance and theatre houses has provided opportunities to undergo a choreographic development period, within which Anthony is still working.

Performing: Saturday 23 July

Valhöll (hall of the slain)

The interpretation of Norse Mythology through its ideology of conquest and afterlife of warriors and the slain.

Choreographer: Anthony Lo-Giudice
Dancers: Anthony Lo-Giudicie, Dani Atkinson, Charlotte Hill, Gary Rowntree 
Photo copyright Scott Miller Photography