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Organized Chaos

  Lizzi Giles is an emerging choreographer based in London originally from North East England. Trained at The London Contemporary Dance School since graduating her work has been shown in festivals around London. Her work is mainly movement based with a strong physical theatre presence and often leaves the audience looking more exhausted than the dancers!

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Pangaea Dance



Pangaea from the Greek meaning "entire"; the supercontinent. 


Our goal is to develop an international touring company that employs dancers from different backgrounds; working together without racial, sexual, religious or social boundaries. The aim is to one day audition and employ dancers from various countries. Pangaea Dance is a mix of Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Latin, Ballroom, Flamenco and Street. Our company also uses elements of Musical Theatre, Martial Arts, Chinese Folk and other National dances developing a new dance form; Pangaea or "Entire" Dance. 


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Piece By Piece


Piece By Piece Company was founded in 2006 by theatre artist Berit Kuennecke and dancer/choreographer Despina Mavrou. The company attempts to deal with current issues affecting women in society, through dance, theatre and multimedia.


Our first project, Do You Sell Yourself At Work? (2007) performed at Brighton Festival Fringe 2007, looked at working life and raunch culture and explored situations experienced daily by millions of working women worldwide. Serious questions were raised whilst retaining a lighthearted, occasionally comic tempo.


With How Far Are You Willing To Go?, the now-expanded company dealt with more universal issues affecting women, still keeping the light, humorous tone which is bound to become the company’s trademark.

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The 'Why Not' Collective

  The company was formed in 2008 by Edd Mitton and is made up of comtemporary dance graduates and students from the London Studio Centre, brought together by a joint interest in creating accessible dance theatre. On Romance is the company's largest-scale-work to date; they look forward to working on further exciting projects in the coming year, and are keen to collaborate with other dancers, musicians, and visual artists.

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Daniela B Larsen & Robert Guy

  Daniela B Larsen & Robert Guy are both independent dance artists. They have been working together choreographically and collaboratively on and off since 2006 when they made their first work How Like the Mind It Is… Both then went on to complete Post Graduate Diplomas at LCDS (Edge 07) and Laban (Transistions 07) respectively, after which they reunited to make This House Smells of Ghosts in late 2008.

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Dorit Schwartz Dance Company

Dorit Schwartz trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance where she gained a first class Honours Degree in Dance. She received her post-graduate certificate in Choreography from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.Dorit has been presenting work in the UK, Austria, Italy and Israel. She has also made work in collaboration with lighting designers, scenographers and directors. Dorit has shown work, amongst others, at The Place, the BAC and the Lillian Baylis Studio.

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Gwenny Rose

  Whilst hoping to gain initial experience from a touring company, Gwenny wishes to pursue her choreographic interests. She is currently devising and performing a group piece alongside a Gamelan Orchestra from York St Johns University as part of her Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, which she is due to complete in July this year.

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Henry Fry & Riccardo Buscarini

Henry Fry is a designer, writer and illustrator who studies Design For Performance at Wimbledon College of Art and graduates this summer. He likes to set up strong visual frameworks in performance and film. Riccardo Buscarini is a contemporary dancer and choreographer who graduates from The London Contemporary Dance School this summer also. He often works with one striking image that conveys layers of interpretation.

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Intrinsic Dance Company

  Intrinsic Dance Company was formed in August 2008. The four founder members first all met in 2006 while taking part in a project which resulted in a site-specific dance piece performed in the National Portrait Gallery for FYA festival 2006.

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Kasper Hansen & Sam Coren

Sam Coren is a graduating choreography student from London Contemporary Dance School and Kasper Hansen is a graduating theatre design student from Wimbledon College of Art. As a part of their third year they have collaborated with costumier Sophie Bellin, dancer Moreno Solinas and script writer Ben Coren to devise the piece Intrepid Exploring. Each have experience from within a diverse range of fields such as contemporary dance, circus, theatre and film.

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Lîla Dance


Lîla Dance finds its inspiration for creativity in exploring the synergies between highly physical exertions with sensitivity of thought. The company members regard themselves as “movement inventors” who treat every new work as an exciting opportunity to discover original movement which finds expression through articulate physicality. During each creative process Lîla Dance immerse themselves in images and ideas which are explored with intuition and spontaneity in order to find “physical sensations” expressive of a gut response from the flesh and nerve.


With each new work the company continues to develop a distinctive physical language of which complicated floor sequences, trademark physicality and intricate contact work can be identified as choreographic traits.

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  As a performative company, mdance is interested in exploring intricate, emotive and physical movement that evokes thought and feeling in both themselves as performers and their audiences. The collaborative nature of the company means that we can draw creatively from both of our experiences, bringing two bodies, minds and souls to the creative space. We are interested in producing intelligent work with an emphasis on the process and how a piece comes to form. It’s as much about the journey of making, of thought and of feeling as it is about the presentation of the body, the physical and the piece.

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Moxie Brawl


Moxie Brawl was formed in 2006 by Sarah Blanc and Katie and Fin Miller at The Space in Dundee. The company created 4 pieces in their first year in Scotland most namely 'I've Never Seen a Cat Live 9 Lives' by Sarah Blanc and 'Saltwater' by Katie Miller which were both supported by Dance Base in Edinburgh along with The Space. In 2007 Angus Balbernie created a quartet on the company which was performed at The Space.


Since moving to London the company have perfomed at Cloud Dance Festival and at the Robin Howard Theatre with a piece titled 'Didnt you Know?' choreographed by Sarah Blanc which was created during a residency at Clarence Mews.  

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Nexus Dance

  Nexus Dance is a collaboration between music, dance and visual art, formed in 2009 and based in London. Their process has a strong emphasis on how it is experienced by the dancers, aiming to create a space in which individual expression and development is a natural part of the whole. Conceptually, their work is focused around the connections between different people's communications of internal experience within a common framework.

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Dam Van Huynh

Van Huynh Company was founded in 2008 to further the exploration of the human body and its relationship through time and space. Inspired by everyday life and people, Dam’s choreographies are grounded in reality and dig further to access a deeper layer of conscience. The Company selects movements and attitudes to process this information by expanding and exaggerating the observed gestures. The result is a physical dance creating a sense of surrealism, where the capacities of the human body are explored to its extremes and infinite details become prominent.

Dam Van Huynh won the audience prize on each of the ten nights of The Place Prize in 2008.

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Ji Park

Ji Park’s choreography is based on abstract movement. The basis of her work is spontaneous and instinctive, which is influenced by her South Korean origin and it is particularly difficult to dancers trained in the western contemporary dance tradition. Her vocabulary is very fast-paced and based upon the combination of very short and sharp sequential phrases.


She has previously performed her work at Cloud Dance Festival with Transient Dance Theatre.

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