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This is a short application form for Blue Cloud Scratch, a scratch night held at Blue Elephant Theatre for UK-based dance artists only. If you have any questions, please email Niamh and Chantal at [email protected]

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Are you UK-based?

We have stated above that this opportunity is for UK-based artists only. If you are not UK-based, we will automatically reject your application.

Please select your date

Which date would you prefer?

About You

Your name

Company name (if not your own)

If you use a dance company rather than your own name

Contact email address

Contact phone number

Your bio / company bio

Where are you based?

The Piece

Title of work

Description of work

Length of work

Between 3 and 15 minutes

Status of work

Number of dancers

It's a small(ish) stage, so fewer is good...

Dancers' names

If known

Footage of work (if you have any)

If you have any rehearsal or performance footage

Any set or special requirements?

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