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CDF 2014 Survey

Many thanks for taking the time to answer this survey. These questions cover some of the current areas of our research into how to develop CDF further, and we appreciate your feedback.


What's your name?

What's your email address?

You will not be added to any mailing lists; this will either be used to contact you directly based on your answers, or for a follow-up group email only.


Where are you based?

Where are you from?

UK city/region, preferably.

If you are based somewhere other than where you are from, do you get (m)any opportunities to work and/or show work at home?

If yes, please give details.

Are there specific cities/regions beyond where you're based/from where you would like to develop your practice? Any specific reasons why?

Creation Process

Roughly how often do you create new work?

How many hours does it take you to create new work?

What does it typically cost you to create new work? (With rough breakdown, if possible)

Do you work with a dramaturg, or with anyone to advise you artistically while creating new work?

If so, who, and how do you choose them?

Do you receive feedback as part of your creation process?

Do you involve others in your creation process, eg through workshops?


Is your work supported by any organisations?

If so, which and how?

Have you received funding to support your work?

If so, how many times, and from which bodies?

Career & Professional Development

Who would you like to assess / judge your work (applications)?

Who would you like to be your mentor?

Who would you like to take an interest in your work?

What are your professional goals?

What are your career priorities over the next year or two?

What support do you feel you need as a dance artist in order to progress professionally?

What are the major challenges which you feel you face as a dance artist?

How do you define success, within our industry?

Who would you define as successful, and why?

If CDF was to offer classes/workshops, which teachers would you want?

Are there specific skills you would like to learn (eg, fundraising, business planning, marketing, tour booking)? If so, which?


Would you be interested in discussing any of this further?

Any other comments?

Your response contain errors which are highlighted in red. Please correct them and try again.