Firefly Lineup

After several months, and the most applications we've ever received for a festival, we can finally announce our new lineup for Firefly, our first festival for a year! Firefly will be held at Pleasance Theatre in Islington on 22 - 24 July. 

Of course the most exciting part of our lineup is Kristen McNally, a Royal Ballet soloist, presenting her unique style of "indie ballet" on both Saturday and Sunday. Even more exciting is that it'll be performed by Tommy Franzén, of ZooNation and BBC's So You Think You Can Dance fame. We'll also have Devaraj Thimmaiah, previously of Tavaziva Dance and currently of Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company, whose work Arranged Marriage was described by Graham Watts as "a powerful, superbly performed, duet" when performed at The Place's Resolution! earlier this year.

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Writers & Bloggers Sought

We are seeking to expand our website by including a section for dance writing.

If you are a dancer, choreographer or work in the dance industry and are interested in regularly writing articles, features, conducting interviews or reviewing shows for us then please email us at info [at] including a link to your blog if you have one, and/or two samples of your writing.

We're sorry, but we aren't in a position to pay our contributors. But don't let this put you off - this is a perfect way to get your name known in the dance world and have your writing reach a wider audience.

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Call For Applications

There's only a month left till our application deadline, so we wanted to remind you that we're eagerly awaiting your applications!

Our application deadline is midnight on 5 June, and you can download our application form, application guidance notes and venue information from here. We've changed our application process but we hope that this won't deter too many people.

In the meantime, we wish you the best of luck with your applications, and do let us know if you have any questions.

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Dance Shows: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I'll be giving a talk on 13 April at Cube Cinema in Bristol for Ausform, titled "Dance Shows: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly", talking about all the shows I see and about the diversity in dance shows available.

It starts at 7pm, and further details can be found here

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Introducing.... Firefly!

Finally the news we've all been waiting for - we can finally launch our July festival, which will be called Firefly, and which will be held on 22 - 24 July at Pleasance Theatre in Islington.

We've made some changes to our application process, which will explain over the next few days by email. In the meantime, if you're interested in applying, you can download the application forms, guidance notes and technical info from here; and if you're interested as a member of the audience, do sign up for our newsletters and check back regularly to see our lineup as it grows!

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A Quick Update

We've spent over four months now trying to find venues for our 2011 festivals, and we hope we'll finally be able to make an announcement soon - we're very excited at the prospect of resuming festivals, it's been way too long since we last did one!


We're aiming to hold festivals in early July and late November, but that's all we can really say for now.


We've decided to change our artistic policy and overhaul our applications process, which does mean we have a sizeable mountain of preparations to get through before we can even think about launching another festival. Therefore, please be nice to us and if you want to know more about the upcoming festivals, please just add yourself to the Future Festivals mailing list on our home page, as we won't have time to respond to enquiries until then!


Watch this space....

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On A Break

In the build-up to our last festival, Hush, we announced that we would probably be taking an extended break once this festival was over, due to shortages of resources and funds.

As we have had numerous queries since then about when the next festival will be, it seemed logical to explain this more fully. Add a comment

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