Hello, and welcome to Cloud Dance Festival.

We've prepared some Frequently Asked Questions which you can read here, which should cover most questions people have about our applications process, apart from the big one - when is our next festival? - which we don't have an answer for yet, we're sorry. If you'd like to be the first to know, then please do sign up for our Future Festivals newsletters using the subscription form below, and we'll send you festival and application info as soon as it's available.

We provide basic application forms, application guidance notes, technical information and venue details for each festival, which can be downloaded from here once the call for applications has been launched. We have removed this information in the meantime; our application guidance notes (and venues) change with each festival, so we don't want to provide out-of-date information, and if we leave the application form online (accidentally), then we end up receiving applications for past festivals.

As we work with a panel of judges to determine each festival's lineup, we can only consider applications which use completed application forms, footage and promotional photos. The panel is only assembled for each round of applications, which is why we cannot process any enquiries or proposals received until then.

We're trying to improve the resources we can offer dance practitioners through Cloud Dance Festival, so it's taking us a while to arrange all this. We'll be back as soon as we can, we promise!