Yuyu Rau Yuyu Rau is a professional dancer and dance teacher from Taiwan. She worked at the Cloud Gate Dance School in Taiwan for 3 years before she came to England to further her dance career and training. Her vocational dance training as a performer has developed over the last 14 years. As part of her MA, she was a member of the University of Chichester’s Mapdance Company where she toured and danced the works of a number of highly-regarded British and international contemporary dance choreographers. She joined Sinman Chinese Dance Company in 2008 and was part of Resolution! 2007 and 2009. Then she joined ACE Dance and Music in 2009. Currently, she works as freelance dancer and just finished her own piece for Resolution! on 12th Jan 2010.


Beauty Unveiled

Western and Chinese dance, mixing conflict and balance, contradiction and fulfillment, sophistication and freedom. An experiment in intercultural contemporary dance unveiling new beauty – new forms of fluidity and elegance

Choreographed by Yuyu Rau
Dancers: Elena Zaino, Jui-Wei Hung, WeiChun Luo, Theo Lowe