Taciturn formed in 2006 to enable the dancers to share skills and ideas, as well as to showcase the talents of local artists. Their aim is to create vibrant and diverse works that will have wide appeal and inspire young dancers.
Taciturn have performed at the Leap Festival in Liverpool, The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester and as part of the British Dance Edition Fringe event 2008, organised by local artists.
Taciturn has also been working alongside Tom Roden - formerly director of the Air Dance Company, Tom is now the co-director of New Art Club. Their shows have toured extensively in Europe, America and Asia to critical and popular acclaim. 


Taciturn are currently working on a new piece with choreographer Lisi Perry; details to follow soon.





Reviews of Taciturn from CDF: Open Your Eyes (copyright Mikah Smillie)

"The piece used the company as its main subject matter; they exposed quirks of their personas and relationships in spoken text, spatial and gestural patterns.  Neither heady nor emotive, it was the kind of work that played with lightness, simply enjoyed itself, and allowed you to feel as if you could hum along, and then catch yourself carried along like the cardigans that were interchanged among the dancers. " - Mollie McLelland

"The “human” level on which this piece operated gave me the classic warm-and-fuzzies, and I really enjoyed its honesty and lack of pretence.  There was a definite sense that these women work as a sisterhood and to be involved in that as an onlooker was a real pleasure. Not only this, but all four of them are clearly very accomplished technicians. I look forward to more Bobs, more Jens and hope that Michelle can continue to embrace her individuality…" - Anna Crofts

Photos from Taciturn at Cloud Dance Festival: Open Your Eyes