Hyanglae Jin Hyanglae Jin was born in Korea. Focussing on contemporary dance, she received her BA Hons in Korea. After moving to London, she trained at London Contemporary Dance School and gained a postgraduate diploma through working with EDge 08. She is currently working as a freelance performer while continuing her ongoing research as a dance maker. She was part of The Place Prize as a performer and worked with one of Russell Maliphant's dancers.

Now Let me tell you about my…

Resolved Question: Now let me tell you about my...

Best answer: No matter how strange it may sound for some, it seems to me that you are in a verge of "soul searching".

Anyway, I resent the fact that you feel that there's so much emptiness within you. Let me tell you this, have you consider the fact that what made you say those things is because you haven't found yet what you enjoy doing the most? What I am trying to say is...are you enjoying what you are currently doing?

Obviously, you are this adventurous type of individual. I would suggest that you go with your instinct and give in to it. Just be reminded though that for every action you initiated, there is always an equal and opposite reaction. So be wary of the possible consequences be it good or bad.

With regards to your love life, talk to him/her and tell him/her what you are currently into and that you are "assessing" and "sorting" things out for yourself.

Good luck!

Choreographer: Hyanglae Jin
Dancers: Carlos Molina, Sebastian hicks
Music: Attewenger song, Moondog
Photo copyright: Christoph Bolten

Photos of Hyanglae Jin in CDF: Parade, by Valeria Cardi: