Cascade Dance is a contemporary dance company focusing on education, community and performance in the South East.  Based in the leafy suburbs of Tunbridge Wells, Cascade provides a variety of dance activities, events and performances to all ages, offering dance in a way that is accessible to everyone.

Cascade strives to be different in their approach to dance by providing activities that are fresh, creative and inspiring, opening up opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

Journeys Bound

Journeys Bound explores the nature of travel and how it affects our lives. Take a journey with 4 dancers as they draw upon their experiences through culture and change.  This is a mixed media piece with video projection.

Choreography: Samantha Stringell
Dancers: Ricia Coleman, Charlotte Greaves,  Melanie Ward, Guilliano Dos Reis, Rachel Sparks


Reviews of Cascade Dance from CDF: Dream On

"Cascade Dance completely shocked the viewer on beginning the piece. At first glance the performers and choreographer looked young and inexperienced, but once they started moving the maturity and intelligence of an established choreographer and company shone through. ‘Crossroads’ explored the idea of decision making and indecisive new beginnings, through the use of rhythmically challenging steps, noticeable technique and repetitive structures. The music only enhanced the movement and theme, allowing the audience to watch the piece as a whole, rather than focus on one part of the choreography." - Rebecca Goor


Photos of Cascade Dance by Peter Fry