SONP5Friday 15 November. Anna Buonomo is an Italian-born contemporary choreographer working in the UK as a dance artist, performer and teacher. Her work blends ballet, hip-hop and contemporary styles to achieve unconventional movement dynamics using emotions and human narrative as starting points.

In October 2010, Anna’s work Tied Up was selected by UK Young Artists ( for their first National Showcase in Derby with mentoring support from Akram Khan. Anna's works have also been shown at The Place Robin Howard Theatre, Nottingham Playhouse and Stratford Circus. In May 2011, Anna was selected as choreographer for The Big Dance Royal Flash Mob event for 135 performers at Buckingham Palace, viewed live by 200 people and over 1 million times since on YouTube.

Anna aims to create inspiring, accessible, cross-disciplinary narrative performance works using a blend of movement styles and physical theatre. By combining influences from contemporary dance theatre and youth-oriented forms including Hip-hop, and by working in unusual and outdoor spaces, Anna’s work aims to bring new audiences to live performance – in particular, young people who may not otherwise engage with dance in the theatre.

Story of a Night Pianist

Story of a Night Pianist is a new dance work from dance artist Anna Buonomo combining expressive contemporary dance with an original soundscore. The piece was originally developed for Big Dance (UK) 2012 and praised for drawing audiences with its haunting narrative and absorbing site-responsive approach to the outdoor location of Trinity Buoy Wharf.
The full piece is based on the stories of strange presences that haunt a composer at night, urging him to tell their untold stories through his music. In this 10-minute extract, we see a character-led conflict between a husband and wife. The husband is madly in love with his wife, but extremely jealous. Although the wife is fathful, her troubled and distant behavior causes the husband to feel rejected and start suspecting her of infidelity. He begins to imagine shared looks between his wife and a supervisor at work, and reacts madly and jealously. During an extremely animated fight he strangles her and throws her body in the river. In this sequence, we see their last, terrible fight enacted in the present day as their ghostly presences grow stronger, fuelled by the pianist’s presence.

Story of a Night Pianist was selected for the Hannover International Choreography Competition, July 2013.

Choreographer: Anna Buonomo
Dancers: Sacha Flanagan,  David Gellura
Music: Story Of A Night Pianist - Maestro Lorenzo Turchi-Floris &
Twitter: @bulletnb


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