Kirill Burlov

LFM-Kirill-Burlov-19Sunday 17 November. Kirill Burlov started to dance when he was 4 years old and has dedicated his life to this artform ever since, training at Riga Ballet School and later studying choreography at the Latvian National Academy while a soloist in Latvian National Opera House, choreographing two ballets for the Latvian National Opera House and also for the Baltic International Festival.

After moving to the UK, Kirill performed as a soloist with Northern Ballet Theatre and The Cathy Marston Project before joining Rambert in 2007 and has choreographed several workshop pieces for the regular Seasons of New Choreography.

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Joelene English

Read more ...Saturday 16 November. Joelene English is a choreographer, dancer and film-maker based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Her work combines taut choreography, beautiful scenography and emotional performances. She is particularly fascinated by mental illness and its impact on everyday lives.

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Simfra Dance Company

Read more ...Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 November. "We have both graduated from Rambert Dance School and while we were at school we decided to choreograph this duet for us, then it was shortlisted to perform at Linbury Royal Opera House and Sadler's Wells's Lilian Baylis Theatre. We then realised the real potential that this duet has and decided to take it further and share it with other people."

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Autin Dance Theatre

Johnny Autin has been performing, choreographing and directing work from the very start of his career in dance, experimenting with a range of different styles, from contemporary and street dance to flamenco. He has worked internationally collaborating with choreographers and companies in France, the Netherlands and Spain, as well as touring work across Europe and South America.  

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