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Solo for Two
Choreographers & Dancers:
Alexandra Wingate & Kerstin Olivia Schellander


This project is a research about the two of us
creating a solo together; It deals with the
choreographer/performer and the friend/colleague
 dynamics which exist within the collaboration.

Two equal dance artists and friends meet and by
 letting the process slowly unfold ask the question:
 Where does “the dance” come from?

By defining edges of improvised movement
and then diving deeper into it we are searching
for the ambiguity and the multiple meanings
 existing in the solo.

Kerstin Schellander is originally from Austria,
Alexandra Wingate comes from Sweden. Both of us
 studied at the Laban Dance Center where we found
 each other as friends and collaborators. We have now
 been working and researching together for over
 a period of three years.