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Scarlett Perdereau & Company

 Scarlett Perdereau

Scarlett Perdereau is a performer & emerging choreographer based in London. She trained in dance and drama in London and Paris. Since the start of her career in 2002 she has been working internationally in various performance styles: contemporary and physical theatre, opera, site-specific and film.


Her training, past and ongoing, embraces a wide range of  dance techniques from Ballet to Modern and Contemporary, and movement disciplines such as Yoga, Pilates and Butoh. Feeding from her experience in both dance and drama, she has been choreographing and developing her own style of contemporary dance since 2005. 

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MoxiE BrAwL

MOxie BrAwL  MOxie BrAwL was formed in 2006 at The Space in Dundee by Sarah Blanc and Katie and Finn Miller as we wanted to create a space where we as dancers/artists/video makers could find a common ground and create work. We had very successful residency at Dance Base in Edinburgh and the work we began to create  there we developed for our first show at the Space Syudio Theatre in November 2006. where we premiered three new works. “Iv Never Seen a Cat Live 9 lives”, a group piece by choreographed by Sarah Blanc, ‘Dance My Daisy Up!’, a dance film by Finn Miller. ‘Saltwater’, a duet by Katie Miller.

In 2007 we invited Angus Balbernie to choreograph on the mOxie where we created a quartet and performed at The Space, Dundee and at Dance Base Studio Theatre in Edinburgh as a works in Progress which we will be finishing  in early 2009.

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Piece By Piece Company

Piece By Piece Company  Piece By Piece Company was founded in 2006 by theatre artist Berit Kuennecke and dancer/choreographer Despina Mavrou. The company attempts to deal with current issues affecting women in society, through dance, theatre and multimedia. Our first project, Do You Sell Yourself At Work? (2007) performed at Brighton Festival Fringe 2007, looked at working life and raunch culture and explored situations experienced daily by millions of working women worldwide. Serious questions were raised whilst retaining a lighthearted, occasionally comic tempo. With How Far Are You Willing To Go?, the now expanded company will deal with more universal issues affecting women, still keeping the light, humorous tone which is bound to become the company’s trademark.

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Sezdrenah Dance Theatre

Sezdrenah Dance Theatre  Sezdrenah Dance Theatre is an emerging company formed in 2007, based in London, whose founders are 2003 graduates of DeMontfort University (University of Bedfordshire). Their aim is to entertain, educate and promote performance as an expressive art form and to create opportunities for performers to showcase themselves and their work. Sezdrenah Dance Theatre is focused on producing performances that touch your senses and bring flavor back to the contemporary stage, and to bring theatre goers and non theatre goers together as an audience.

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Rokit Dance Productions

Rokit Dance Productions  ROKIT DANCE is formed of three girls who have all worked professionally in the contemporary and commercial world of dance.
They are now collaborating as a trio and are enjoying exploring their own funky contemporary style. They have a combined interest in developing a unique but accessible approach to choreography and performance.

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KoLective  Kayley Hughes and Laura Newman are recent graduates of dance from Liverpool John Moores University. Each studied within the area of Choreography and Performance and became members of JMUpstart Dance Company. Both Laura and Kay are interested within all aspects of performance and creating works that draw upon internal and external physicality’s. Kay and Laura have actively been involved in many site specific performances and are enthusiastic towards fusing and merging other disciplines within dance.

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Udifydance   Udifydance is both a Performance and educational dance company;  Udifydance provides high quality dance workshops and residencies to dance institutes, youth companies and professional dance company rep work.

Chris and Chay are creative, reliable and enthusiastic young men
Jane Bridle, Dance development officer, Isle of Wight

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The Romantic Revolutionaries

The Romantic Revolutionaries 

The Romantic Revolutionaries are currently rehearsing at Clarence Mews studios in Hackney where we are taking part in the Summer Creative Space programme, which is a way of creating work in a supportive and artistic environment.  We have regular sharings at the studios with the other choreographers and performers giving feedback and observations about each other’s work.


Rhiannon Brace and Adam Speers Cukrowski met at Aberystwyth University and have continued to support each other’s work since they graduated; Rhiannon Brace and Nicola Higgins met at The Place in Euston, London. 

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Hagit Yakira

Hagit Yakira  Hagit Yakira recently participated in Burgos-New York dance competition and came second place in the New Trend dance category.
She also took part in a choreographer show case at the Edinburgh fringe festival, where her dance piece, ‘Somewhere between a self and an other’ received very good reviews and was mentioned as one of the best works of the night.

Hagit is now performing with her new works around London, the UK and Israel.

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RWA (Ready Willing Able) Dance Company


RWA has been established for 3 years and we are based in East London.We have performed our short pieces nationwide and deliver workshops to integrated classes in schools and community groups.We both have contemporary dance backgrounds and we met at a community dance class at Stratford Circus.We are supported by East London Dance and as older dancers, and a fully integrated company,we are keen to show our work to a wider audience.


Photo credit: RWA in Dancing Days:An East London Dance event as part of Centre(St)Age. Photo: Nick Gurney 

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Taciturn  The Taciturn dancers have performed with a number of leading companies, including DV8, Common Ground and M6 Theatre Company. Their international experience has involved work with the Migrant Body Project and Canadian choreographer Estelle Clareton. All the dancers have a wealth of experience in dance education, teaching for companies such as Ludus Dance, Merseyside Dance Initiative and at institutions including the Liverpool Community College and John Moores University.

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Raymond Tait Dance

Raymond Tait Dance 

After completing a BA in Applied Music at the University of Strathclyde, I went on to gain a first class Honours Degree in Dance and Theatre performance from Bird College.  Having specialized in choreography for my dissertation year, this has been a route I have been pursuing on and off since graduating last year. 


Whilst working as a performer with the small theatre company animate:SPACE upon graduation, I was also applying for many choreographic and contemporary dance festivals.  After becoming runner-up for a bursary awarded to emerging choreographers by Sadlers Wells and East London Dance around Christmas, I was then put in touch with Enigma Dance Festival in Guildford, for which I created a piece for in March of this year. 


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Spiltmilk Dance


Spiltmilk Dance  Spiltmilk Dance was formed in 2006 by Sarah Devlin and Adele Wragg whilst completing their studies at Coventry University and the company is now based between Sheffield and Birmingham. Their debut piece ‘5 Dances’ has been performed at a number of national dance platforms and after recently receiving support from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, has undergone an extensive revision process. In July 2008, the revised version of ‘5 Dances’ was performed as part of Buxton Festival Fringe receiving great acclaim from both audiences and critics.

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The Ticket Theatre Dance

The Ticket Theatre Dance 

An ensemble company, that works through ideas, physicalities and whims via improvisational structures and individual experience. The Ticket’s work is informed by ‘dance theatre’…by exposing humour in art; in existing and past art forms …by enjoying the body as flawed; the body as gendered… by social dance… by the importance of presentation, performance, audience… by theatricalities: the stage, the audience, the framing of performance, the bow, the before and after, the ‘offstage’… by enjoying all dance forms as valid. Lead and developed by Lexi Bradburn.


The Ticket Theatre Dance premiered its first full scale piece ‘Cosi fan Tutu’ last year at Siobhan Davies Studios: a little look at Opera through dance and cliché.


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Martial Dance

Martial Dance  Martial Dance is more than a dance company; it is a movement language that is born from the physical realities of the body rather than mentalities that divide society today. Integrating elements from formal dance techniques and social dance styles, with a variety of martial arts disciplines, Martial Dance is a movement democracy that embraces individuality and originality and the choreography never ceases to surprise and delight audiences.

Doesn’t just kick-ass, it boots pre-conceptions about what dance is off the radar
The Herald on Martial Dance (Fringe 07)

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Pair Dance

Pair Dance  Pair Dance (formerly Pair Co.) was founded by Harriet Macauley and Richard Leonard in 2005 and appointed company residence at The Thanet, London 2006. Past performances have included Resolution!, Connect Festival, Choreodrome, and they were finalists in last year's Competition of International Choreography held in Burgos, Spain. 

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Cascade Dance

Cascade Dance  Cascade Dance was founded in December 2006 by Middlesex university graduates Ricia Coleman and Samantha Stringell.

Discovering a lack of contemporary dance culture within Tunbridge Wells they decided to create a company that would reflect its growing success in places like London and Brighton.

Their experience and knowledge throughout years of dance education and training has given them a platform from which to launch Cascade Dance with an innovative and creative approach.

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Ijad Dance Company

Ijad Dance Company  ijad dance company creates innovative and dynamic concepts within dance, moving with the times and developing work where there are no limits between dance, space, film and technology.

The company's work raises the profile of dance culture, using multimedia, film and technology. And the results? Highly-defined signature performances, the originality of which challenges audiences' expectation of dance. 

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Tempered Body Dance Company

Tempered Body Dance Company  Tempered Body Dance Company is a London-based dance collective, a multi-national nexus of choreographers and performers drawn from the full breadth of the dance spectrum, collaborating with established artists from extra-dance disciplines.

Founded in '07 by Canadian choreographer Magdalene Wynne-Jones, Tempered Body Dance Company aims to harness the creative energy generated by the fusion of diverse individual constituents and channel it toward original, thought-provoking and emotively powerful performance pieces.

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rancidance  rancidance has invited Tony Mills to choreograph on Olivia Vella and John Henney, who is currently studying at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. 

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