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Showtime! Photo copyright James Rowbotham
Avatara Ayuso. Photo copyright Ana García Segura
Jo Meredith. Photo copyright Mikah Smillie
Joelene English. Photo copyright
John Ross Dance. Photo copyright Camilla Greenwell
Joelene English. Photo copyright
John Ross Dance. Photo copyright Camilla Greenwell
cdf jul
Cloud Dance Festival: Showtime
Bernie Grant Arts Centre
cds jul
Cloud Dance Festival: Showtime
Bernie Grant Arts Centre
Cloud Dance Festival: Showtime
Bernie Grant Arts Centre

Slanjayvah Danza

Slanjayvah Danza is a Dance Theatre Company, formed in 2004 producing professional, youth and community dance/mixed art form works, as well as providing educational dance workshops for all age groups and learning abilities. With a growing reputation for closing the gap between performers and the audience. The choreographies of Jenni Wren and Slanjayvah Danza are layered into complex reflections of the human psyche. The work is peppered with diverse alternative artistic practices, complementary to dance, that help to convey narratives that any audience can relate to. The Company believes that diversity and eclecticism are key to produing unique and innovative work, for example; the fusion of a variety of dance styles such as Contemporary, Contact, Flamenco and Tango, employs tools and skills beyond those of an average Dancer.
Blind Passion - Live Cut

“Passion cannot be described, only experienced.” With the use of blindfolds, intricate contact work sprinkled with Tango influences, this duet reveals and explosion of seductive delights. The dancers and choreography move smoothly, each section subtly becoming more revealing and dynamic, challenging the audience with intrigue and question.

Choreographer: Jenni Wren
Dancers: Jenni Wren and Phil Sanger


CDF News

Written on 16/01/2014
We'd like to thank everyone who helped make 2013 such an incredible year for CDF - from the amazing choreographers and dancers who participated, our...

Showtime Preview

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autin-dance-theatreAutin Dance Theatre was recently formed by French dancer and choreographer Johnny Autin as a vehicle for his choreographic work....
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john-ross-dance-wolfpackThe first of the Showtime rehearsals we've covered so far was Wolfpack by John Ross Dance - and John's final...


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